SWAT Witnesses Leadership Change || S Cargo Announces Retirement

MAMMOTH, SWAT Empire – The Special Weapons and Tactics Army Leadership has taken yet another turn as the army witnesses new addition to the Leadership and retirement of SWAT Legend, S Cargo.

To begin with, S Cargo has been in Club Penguin Armies for quite some time. He was in SWAT Army around 2011 and helped aid them to stay alive after a brutal war with the Army of Club Penguin in Spring Season of that year. S Cargo then decided to bring back SWAT with Cul8rsl for a short period, where they were able to achieve consistent sizes of around 25-30.

Image of a “SWAT Forever” tactic during SWAT’s first event of the CPO Generation.

In the beginning of April 2020, SWAT was brought back under the leadership of Zuke, S Cargo, Jaylen, and Conor in what was deemed “Code Red”. In their first event, they managed to reach 48 troops in less than 24 hours, something nobody had expected. SWAT has been performing well under its former leadership consisting of S Cargo, Zuke, Taco, Sweater, Lights, and Larden. Below is a picture of an E+9 tactic at their most recent event, Igloo Raids, where they maxed 60.

SWAT Performs the E+9 tactic at their Igloo Raids

As you can see SWAT is rapidly growing, almost perfecting the E+9 tactic. This was the last event under the leadership of S Cargo. A couple days after this event, Cargo took to the SWAT website to post this:

Well, this has been a pretty fun almost four or so weeks.

Basically, I’m here to say that I’ll be stepping down from my leader position and passing my torch onto the new generation. I wanted to stay until you guys were in a sufficient enough spot where I thought you all would be fine on your own, and I believe you all are now in good hands. The leaders,owners, mods are all superb and put in so much work on a daily basis, it’s really impressive.

I was genuinely surprised at how well we did from the start, it was crazy how we made such a huge rise suddenly. I mean on our very first event we got almost 50 on a notice of less than 24 hours, which is really something else.

It’s been a seriously fun ride, I was just here making memes while taking it semi-seriously like I do usually and we managed to create something awesome. All of you guys are genuinely awesome people and troops, and I’ve genuinely enjoyed my time here

I cba making lengthy retirement posts, I have more fun meme’ing instead so I’ll end it off like so.


Just remember, SWAT is forever


p.s.: Stop saying SWAT means scargo wants a taco, I said that ONCE as a meme, please stop, it’s literally the unfunniest thing I’ve ever said in my life.

Also Unfinished business was the worst motto ever thought of. Unchained >>>>>> Unfinished business.

Signing off

~S Cargo2, former SWAT leader/legend

Cargo explains in his post he is choosing to step down from his position in order to let newer, less experienced troops fill his shoes. He highlights leaving SWAT in good hands from the top to the bottom. He cites how fun it has been this time around, and adds a calling to his legacy with SWAT. However, his retirement wasn’t the only change that SWAT witnessed. Simmonds2000 joined the leadership as soon as S Cargo left. In addition to that, Maroon joined Aubrie as a Leader-in Training to facilitate the army’s performance when the leaders are away.

In order to find out more about S Cargo and his decision to step down as the Special Weapons and Tactics leader, CPO Army League was fortunate enough to interview Cargo himself.

An Interview with SWAT Leader/Legend, S Cargo2

CPOAL: How do you think SWAT will perform having lost such an experienced leader/legend?

Cargo: I think they’ll be fine still.

CPOAL: Do you foresee a return to SWAT in the future?

Cargo: I’ll help as an advisor and I might help lead events if they really need me but I probably won’t be full-time leader or even assume the role. I don’t think it will come to that point anyway.

CPOAL: What is the biggest piece of advice you can offer to the current leaders?

Cargo: Stop being a bunch of simps like deada**, SWAT is starting to stand for simps welcome all time.

CPOAL: When did you join Club Penguin Armies and SWAT, specifically?

Cargo: I joined army’s in 2011, as a rogue in the original SWAT. I started off at private and ranked up until I got leader and ended up leaving.

CPOAL: Thank you for the time, anything you would like to add?

Cargo: wagwan uhh

As you can tell from the interview with Cargo, he plans to continue helping out as an advisor, however he doesn’t want to be a full-time leader or even be given the role. His true dedication to SWAT can be seen as he is a troop who worked his way up from private to leader. He also believes that SWAT will be able to hold up just fine, despite the loss of himself.

Cargo will most definitely be missed in this community. We wish Cargo the best of luck in his future goals and look forward to seeing him around in near future.


What do YOU think? Will SWAT continue their success without longtime leader Cargo? Will SWAT fall because of losing an experienced leader? Comment YOUR opinion down below!

-๖ۣۜPrince B

CPO Army League Reporter


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