Dark Warriors, the New #1

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – In the very first edition of the CPO Army League universal top ten, the Dark Warriors of CPO came out on top. Continue reading to find out how they are taking their new success, and what goals they have for the future.

Dark Warriors, an army brought back in December, has always been a powerhouse army. Recently though, they are doing better than any generation has ever done before. In the past week, we have seen the Dark Warriors max as much as 135 at US/UK events and up to 90 at AUSIA events. With these numbers, it was no surprise that in the recent top 20 universal armies, which included armies from CPO and CPR community, that the Dark Warriors took home the #1 spot.

Although the Dark Warriors placed first this week, there is no guarantee they will be able to continue this. Rebel Penguin Federation, Doritos, Pirates, and the Ice Warriors all have the capability of dethroning the Dark Warriors and will be focused on taking over their spot. It was only two weeks ago that the Ice Warriors had placed #1 for two weeks straight and many people thought IW was on the verge of beginning a streak of #1 finishes. The summer of 2020 will be highly contested and all five of these armies will be fighting to be crowned the #1 army at the end of summer awards.

I was able to interview Bee, one of the Dark Warrior leaders, about their success and plans for the future.

An Interview with Dark Warriors Leader, Bee

CPOAL: Dark Warriors have always been a good army that maxed large, but this is arguably the best that dark warriors have done in this generation. Was there anything that changed that you think really helped get you guys to the top?

Bee: With worldwide lockdown – the leaders were able to focus on the very thing that matters; the community. Because of consistent activity and being able to be online a lot, we’ve been able to bond together quicker and establish a feel good community and give the army an identity. That has been the goal since the start as the leaders have always said a good community equals consistent and huge results in the long term.

CPOAL: Speaking of goals, what’s next for Dark Warriors, with being #1 accomplished now?

Bee: We keep passing each goal we set. The first goal set by Freezie was to restore the armies legacy back in December, however due to dedication from the ownership who most have been here since December we’ve been able to look far beyond that and set goals relevant to the tasks we face as an army. We vividly remember when nobody gave us a chance against the Pirates and we overcame that and beat the odds. DW want to keep doing what we’re doing, overcoming the obstacles that face us while putting emphasis on growing our community and enabling the start of amazing relationships

CPOAL: Well DW certainly seems to be on an upward trend! Thanks for letting me interview you, is there anything else you’d like to say or anyone you’d like to thank or give a shout out too?

Bee: No. thank you!

The Dark Warriors of CPO became the first army to place #1 on the universal top ten. With the leadership that the Dark Warriors have, the Dark Warriors has as good as a chance as anyone to dominate the rankings. With the additions of the CPR armies to the top ten, it has become even more difficult to be the #1 army. The Dark Warriors will certainly have a target on their back in the upcoming weeks as armies fight to claim that coveted #1 spot.

Comment YOUR thoughts on the Dark Warriors finishing first in this week’s top ten. Will the Dark Warriors continue this streak? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPO Army League Reporter

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  1. Wow nice post Vivala, keep it up!


  2. ,im sure they will try their best to do it again,im still not sure who will be the next number #1 army.


  3. […] the recent surge in the Dark Warriors universal top 20 rankings (which you can read about here) they could once again find themselves towards the top of the mountain in this week’s upcoming […]


  4. oh yea!


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