Donald Trumpguin Army Promises a Friday Debut

KLONDIKE, Zing’s Office – With the historic Universal Top Twenty in full force and creating a lot of competition within the community, we are seeing a lot of new armies staking their claims to a spot on the ranking system with many being created over the last couple of days. One of the most promising armies being created right now, is the very presidential, Donald Trumpguin Army.

The Donald Trumpguin Army are currently preparing for their first event in the Club Penguin Army community. Correctly and wisely choosing Club Penguin Online as their chosen platform, the Donald Trumpguin Army has just begun to open their website in order to be able to post events and attract more recruits.

While attempting to find out what the new army is all about, they have stated in their official website caption, that they will be hosting “fashion shows and more” indicating that they are going to be a fun army to watch. They have already got their discord set up in which they are currently recruiting people to the server.

While on discord investigating into the army to see what I could find out, I found out that the army is indeed very real. They are beginning to set up alliances, currently working out a partnership with Shibi Nation, another unofficial army that is soon going to be ready to pop up. The army has decided on its ranks and hopes that following Friday’s event, they will be able to have an army full of troops in order to input to those ranks.


The Donald Trumpquin Army are currently looking for someone to help out with the design of their official website in preparation for Friday’s event. The mission of the event is to become official and make their name within the community. They have offered to reward coins to any troops that attend the event, promising double if they manage to receive a maximum of ten troops online for the event.

Currently, only three troops have signed up to confirm that they will be attending the event, but it is still early days with just under two days left before the event actually takes time. The Donald Trumpquin Army will now have a vital task on their hands if they want to be ready for their event which will hopefully score them a rank in the Universal Top 20.

What do YOU think? Will the Donald Trumpquin’s manage to take the top spot on the Universal Top 20? Is this the army that established armies should take notice off?

Zing King To

Executive Producer


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