Ice Warriors Leader Suffers Real Life Attack

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – In a time of mass panic over Covid 19, the World has seen many kind acts of people coming together and helping each other out in their times of need. In some corners of the world, life has become a lot more dangerous to lead, such as for Ice Warriors leader Agent 11, who was attacked recently on his way to the store.

Earlier today, Andrew took to the official discord server of the Ice Warriors, to announce that Agent 11, a leader of the army, had brought him some bad news. He went into what that bad news is, claiming that Agent 11 was attacked and outnumbered while on his way to a store. Despite allegedly putting up a good fight, the numbers game was too strong and Agent 11 was sent to the hospital.

Attention Warriors, Today I was messaged by Agent 11, one of our dear Leaders in the Ice Warriors. He brought me some bad news; Earlier today he went out to hit the store, and sadly got into a fight with some other guys. He told me he put up a good fight but was outnumbered so it didn’t go so well. Right now he is in the Hospital with his family and is recovering. Thankfully he is doing well now and is projected to return back to normal health soon. As of now he has left the discord and has closed off dm’s so that he can relax and not have to worry about army related issues. But don’t worry, you’ll see him again. He’s back to his old self thankfully; I asked him how bad it was and he told me “It was like the IW vs DCP war this past month, and I was DCP”. He thanks everyone that wishes him well and he cannot wait to see some of you guys again! I’ll try my best to keep you guys updated. Until then, Don’t Freeze up

The brutality of the attack appears to have been enough to render Agent 11 on a leave of absence from the army, with Andrew claiming that he has “left the discord and closed off dm’s.” Naturally, our thoughts are with Agent 11 and his family at this time. The attack was likened to the war between the Ice Warriors and the Doritos from earlier in April. Andrew signed off his post promising to update where possible.

A picture of what Agent 11 may have been dressed as on the way to the shop. (Unconfirmed)

With Agent 11 out, tributes came pouring in from troops online the Ice Warriors server wishing him well and hoping that a recovery is imminent. Later that same day, another update was posted by Andrew, again on the official discord server of the Ice Warriors. The announcement from Andrew spoke about Agent 11’s condition, as well as what action would be taken in the Ice Warriors army in order to ensure that the army manages to stay in a good and strong position as they battle for the number one spot in our historic Universal Top Ten.

A screenshot of Andrew’s statement in regards to the foreseeable future of the Ice Warriors ownership and Agent 11’s health can be seen below.

The information packed post states that Madhav has been promoted to admin of the Ice Warriors in order to temporarily replace Agent 11 while he recovers from the injuries sustained at the hands of the unknown assailants. The Ice Warrior leader urged troops to congratulate Madhav on the position before giving an update on Agent 11’s condition.

Andrew stated that Agent 11 has now left the hospital, suggesting that any injuries sustained were in fact mild and not a great cause of concern. He also stated that the fallen comrade has been keeping up to date with the Ice Warriors news, happy with how the battle went and missing the troops, wanting to return.

What do YOU think? Will Agent 11 find his attackers and challenge them to a Club Penguin battle? Will Agent 11’s attackers form an army and find themselves on the historic Universal Top Ten?

Zing King To

Executive Producer


4 Responses

  1. This is why you shouldn’t do drugs kids.


  2. Love that picture of Agent


  3. We wish you the best to become fine ASAP agent 11! 🙂


  4. Hopefully Penguin Agent 11, as well as Human Agent 11 is strong enough again. I really hope it also wasn’t because of armies because that reflects badly on the whole community.


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