Mustapha10x Announces Permanent Retirement from CP Armies

SUMMIT, Doritos Army HQ – It hasn’t been more than two weeks since we here at CP Armies witnessed the Doritos’ Leadership crisis and their journey to restoration. However, in the midst of this journey, DCP Legend, Mustapha10x has announced his permanent retirement from the community.

On April 15th 2020, an article was published on CPO Army League which awoke the community to Mustapha10’s removal from the Doritos Army amid a coup d’état that took place. You can read about by clicking here. Following this, the Doritos’ Drama took a turn towards despair when the creator, Wwebestfan, decided to move his army to another CP Private Server. However, the situation was normalised when this decision was revoked by the creator himself.

Nine-days post the Doritos’ Drama (five-days ago), Gingersnap, one of Doritos’ prominent leaders decided to step down and leave the community. This article can be found by clicking here. Ever since the DCP’s Leadership crisis, the community has witnessed leaders leaving one-after-another. Here we are yet again witnessing another prominent leader and legend leaving the community and his army.

Mustapha10 has been one of the many longest serving leaders in the army itself. He has worked for prominent Club Penguin Army websites like that of CP Army Central. In an attempt to find out how long he has served in the Doritos, I went through his Author Archives which date back to September 9th, 2012, when Mustapha10x made his first post on DCP’s website. Below is a picture of how the Doritos evolved over the years under Mustapha’s leadership:

U-Lead (9th September 2012)


Defence of Fjord (21st March 2020)

After serving the Doritos Army for more than ten years in total and eight years as leader, Mustapha’s retirement is once of the most shocking retirements this community will ever witness. Below is an excerpt of the post published by Mustapha, announcing his retirement:

Hello, Doritos!

Today I am writing this to you to inform you all that I am officially announcing my permanent retirement.

This army will always have a special place in my heart. Being apart of this for 10 years it’s as if I’ll be discrediting and downplaying the true grasp that cannot be put into words. Unfortunately I cannot write about the full experience, as it would take weeks to complete the writing. From my first event as leader in 2012 where we got 5 and didn’t even do tactics in a defense against Nachos to defeating the number 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 armies on the CPAC top 10 all at the same time in 2015 getting over 100 people in attendance and forcing every army to surrender all of their servers all the way to 2020 bringing back the Doritos once again where we broke barriers… This was amazing.


The full post can be found here.

In his post, Mustapha10x begins by declaring that he will be retiring from the community forever. Moving further, he addresses that Doritos Army will have a special place in his heart and further recalling memories of Doritos Army from 2012 and years that followed.

In order to know more about his decision, we managed to interview Mustapha10, which can be found below.

Interview with Mustapha10, Doritos Army Legend

Question: Seeing you go is definitely very hard for this community. I’ve personally seen you lead and evolve over the years, Mustapha. We would like to know what led to this decision of yours?

Mustapha10: Very good question, Flen. I have bumped heads with other members of the army, which naturally happens. However, I have been leading since 2012 consistently more than any army leader in the history of the army, I would even say that I don’t know of anyone that has led a single army as long as I have. Also, it isn’t as exciting for me as it once was since I have been doing it for so long. With this being said I must say that ultimately my decision was made mainly because I have been leading for too long and I am getting older which means I have other priorities now.

Question: What do you expect from the Doritos? How will they operate when the longest lasting leader of the army itself is going?

Mustapha10: I have taught leaders many of the things that I have learned over the years, what happens next is in their hands. I hope the best for the army!

Question: Don’t you think that after leading for so many years and perhaps turning it into a habit that “Mustapha is here”, you leaving could result in a shock toward the army?

Mustapha10: I’ve noticed this happen every time I went absent from the army in the past. However, upon bringing back the Doritos in 2020 I anticipated this day and so as a result I’ve tried my best to ensure that the army isn’t completely reliant on me and is instead, self sufficient. Having things in place like rewards for members who recruit, and contribution of everyone involved in the army. The one army rule, among other things.

Question: Just for the update to our viewers, how have your relationships in the army been after the attempted removal? Is this retirement somewhere related to that?

Mustapha10: My relationship with the army has always been amazing, I loved it. I did find it very hard to work alongside the current leadership, and this is indeed a bit of an earlier retirement than I initially planned. This retirement is completely related to it, I felt betrayed by the current administration – I originally intended on retiring post quarantine / lock down.

As we read in the interview above, Mustapha clarifies that he’s had the best time in CP Armies. In this career, he faced many people with whom he didn’t see eye-to-eye, but Mustapha describes that as natural. However, his retirement is something that came because of growth and age. We’ve seen many leaders leave for the same reason. Addressing how Doritos Army will perform in its post-Mustapha era, he clarifies that he has taught everything he learned to the leaders and now it’s up to them. Where the Doritos Army will go is on its remaining leaders. Also clarifying the situation DCP recently faced, Mustapha made it clear that yes, he felt betrayed, but the relationship within the army has been very good.

Mustapha10x has retired and now the Doritos are in hands of its leaders. We here at CPO Army League wish him a very hearty best of luck for the future.


What do YOU think? How will the Doritos Army perform without Mustapha? We want to know what YOU think!


CPO Army League Editor-in-Chief

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  1. RIP musta
    What a legend


  2. Rip Musta


  3. Best of luck Musta


  4. Oh Musta!! I didn’t get to know you really. That makes me sad. I wish I got to know you better. Thanks for everything. I love the army you had helped shape. We love you. Family forever.


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