Supa Em Returns to Club Penguin Army News

KLONDIKE, Veterans Room – Former SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer, Supa Em has made her return to the Club Penguin Army Media scene after three years of being away. Supa Em has had many years experience in the Club Penguin Army media, and now she has joined the number one news site in the community.

Supa Em joined the Army Media over six years ago. She managed to shoot up the ranks to Chief Executive Officer of SM Army Press, the premium news site for news relating to the smaller armies within the community. The site managed to amass thousands of views every single day, and thousands of people managed to bare witness to Supa Em’s reign in charge of the site.

On March 22nd 2015, it was announced that Supa Em would be retiring from the role of SMAP Chief Executive Officer, with Matthew Bluesockwa deciding to give the position to me, in one of the last smart decisions he made in his career.

Supa Em, after many months of service to CPAWM, on both SMAP and CPAC, has chosen to retire from her rank as CEO of SM Army Press. In light of this, she will be coming to work with those of us serving on the Board. Alongside Superoo13, who has served as SMAP Divisional Chairman since this site’s revamping last year, Supa Em will help to further advancement and keep a close eye on the site. She looks forward to continuing to play a roll in the best S/M News Site armies has to offer.

Succeeding her as CEO will be Zing King To, who despite being a rather new addition to CPAWM, has shown drive and devotion unlike most employed by this corporation. We at the Board have no doubt that Zing will help to make the site more active and exciting than it ever has been. Zing has been an influential figure in CPAWM since last year, and his credentials are readily available.

As you can see from the above announcement from Bluesockwa1, Supa Em was simply not ready to leave the community just yet and stayed on in an advisory capacity. She helped to influence policy and decisions on both CPAC and SMAP, being essential and highly involved in things such as tournaments, legend inductions and ranking lists.

As it is clear that this site is the second coming of the original CPAC, it seems only fitting that we should be welcoming Supa Em back after three years of being absent from both the media and the community as a special advisor and member of the board. With that in mind, Em is almost certainly going to continue working tirelessly to ensure that this site is the very best that it can be for all of you.

Her roles here include advising the Chief Executive Officers as well as looking after things such as standards on the site. She will also hopefully play a pivotal role in upcoming projects that we simply can not wait to tell you about, but we’re going to anyway!

Supa Em is a welcome addition to the team here at CP Online Army League News. We wish her the best of luck in her new role here and look forward to seeing what she brings to the table once more.

Zing King To

Executive Producer

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