The Rebel Penguin Federation Universal Challenge

KLONDIKE, Zing’s Office – Perhaps the biggest army on Club Penguin Rewritten is the Rebel Penguin Federation. Led by Ultipenguin, the RPF has been around for over a decade. While the RPF has always had many challenges to face, it now stands at the top of its division – but just shy of the Universal number one spot.

Back when I was in the Army Community, it would be no surprise to wake up on a Sunday Morning and bare witness to the Rebel Penguin Federation being at the top of the Army world. Even when I was making the Top Ten’s at 6am on a Sunday Morning, more time than not, I knew that the Rebel Penguin Federation would be fierce competition for the Number one position on the list.

This week, Club Penguin Online did something absolutely historic. Here at CPOAL, our number one priority is ensuring that armies receive the very best and most accurate news and factual information in every post. This week’s Top Ten was extended to a Top Twenty post, featuring armies from both Club Penguin Online and Club Penguin Rewritten in a move that could potentially shake up the way in which armies run going forward.

The Top Ten rankings for this week.

The Top Ten rankings are decided through a complex process of weighing up the amount of events an army has had, tactics, army size and many other factors. All of these factors are then fairly processed into a spreadsheet to give an accurate and factual account of which army consistently performed the best throughout the week. Due to the much bigger platform that Club Penguin Online provides to army users, the Top Ten consists of 70% Club Penguin Online armies, and only a mere 30% of armies coming from Club Penguin Rewritten.

The Rebel Penguin Federation stand as a very interesting rank on the Top Ten list. While they are Number Two in regards to the overal rankings, falling just five points short of being the Number One Army, they are the Number One army in regards to those that managed to rank from Club Penguin Rewritten. While this would seem to solidify the Rebel Penguin Federation as the “top dogs” of CPR, the Army of Club Penguin have had something to say about that – electing to cause trouble for the RPF, leading to a declaration of war.

AUSIA PB vs RPF | ACP: The Official Army of Club Penguin | Club ...The nature of Club Penguin Rewritten allow the Rebel Penguin Federation to be the proverbial big fish, in a small pond. Following the war declaration on the Army of Club Penguin, many eyes have turned to both ACP and RPF to detirmine which army is going to solidify themselves as the Number One rank in the CPR world – but can the Rebel Penguin Federation ever take the Top rank on the Universal Top Ten? That is the question.

With armies being so divided and split in the way that they are, there are several dream matches that we can never see happen. Wars that could be fought that simply now can not. There was a time where it was tradition for the Number 1 and 2 armies on the Top Ten to face each other in a Practice Battle to see who was the better army on that day. This is a tradition lost to division and ego.

With RPF finding themselves surrounded by Club Penguin Online armies such as Dark Warriors, Pirates and the Doritos – it looks as if RPF now has the task of proving that they are good enough to stand with the Club Penguin Online armies. While focused on war with the Army of Club Penguin, the RPF will surely have their sites on the Number one spot on the Universal Top Ten after just falling shy of it last time. The challenge is now for RPF to rise against the limitations of their chosen platform. With the entirity of two communities stood watching the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Universal Top Ten will surely uncover whether RPF is the big fish in a little pond – or if the RPF is finally ready to step to the Club Penguin Online armies.

What do YOU think? Could the Rebel Penguin Federation be a big fish on Club Penguin Online? Will the Dark Warriors retain the Number One spot on the Universal Top Ten?

Zing King To

Executive Producer


3 Responses

  1. Zing Zing Zing!!


  2. The Rebel Who?
    Why arent they in CPOAL? LOL


  3. Our armies will always have one of us as number #1,still RPF looks very powerful,but this doesnt mean that we give them another chance back to CPO


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