Golds Empire Officially Usher in New Era

FLIPPERS, Golds Army Empire – Originally created by Johan on the 10th May 2007, the Golds have seen many generations in their time. From being led by the creator, to the likes of Andrew24. Despite returning a couple of weeks ago to the community with events, the new era has officially been ushered in by Bay20!

On April 29th, Bay20 took to the Golds Empire website to announce ‘The New Era’. Bay spoke about the desire to start a new, open and welcoming army in the community following success in the Pirates of Club Penguin. While searching far and wide for the perfect army to call home, a discussion with Flamez led Bay20 to the idea of bringing back the Golds.

While to get permission to bring back an army, it is customary to get the consent from the creator of the army, it does not appear at this time that Johan has been contacted. Instead, Andrew24 has given the go ahead for a Golds return, being the co-creator of the last generation that turned up in 2013.

I wanted to start a new army, an army where everyone can feel welcome in. Just a place to meet new people, have fun with their friends, and create new and enjoyable memories. Being in Pirates of CP has made me enjoy armies so much, and I will always be a Pirate at heart. However, I wanted to create a new home, a new era. I thought a lot about which army I wanted to make, and trust me it wasn’t easy. I always saw Golds being talked about in CPOAL, and I was curious on why is everyone so into them. I talked to my good friend, Flamez, he encouraged me to bring back Golds. Flamez had included Andrew in the revival of Golds, considering he was the co-creater of Golds (new generation) back in 2013.

Golds Army was originally created, by Johan, on May 10th, 2007. There were many generations created starting from 2007 to 2013. The last generation (2013) was created by Johan and Andrew. In 2013, Golds was lead by army leaders we still know today: Andrew24, Agent 11, Flamez64, and Final Chaser. There were other leaders who also contributed, but are not active in Club Penguin Armies today, including: Antonio, Coquimichu, Donut67890/Jack, Lorenzo Bean, Tilgen, and many more. This generation of Golds defeated the likes of the Army of Club Penguin in a tournament battle with sizes of 35+, and the likes of the Redemption Force in war.

As you can tell from the post above, Bay20 made the intentions of the Golds army very clear. They are looking to expand their territory and win tournaments and wars. Stacking up accolades appears to be the name of the game in the Golds camp.

Bay interestingly mentions the rich and storied history of the Golds Army. This brings about questions on what protections can and should be offered by Bay to ensure the legacy of the Golds remains intact. If recent weeks are anything to go by, then this generation of Golds could be one of their finest hours.

As we head into the summer, the Golds Army will look to rank at the top of the historic Universal Top Ten. They will also look to continue their growth within the community and hopefully continue to acheive those accolades.

Zing King To

Executive Producer


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  1. New Era for Golds might be amazing! Good for golds then!


  2. Nice Golds Nice!


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