Meet the Board: Andrew24

KLONDIKE, CPO Army League Headquarters – Today we bring to you all the third edition of the Meet the Board series. Due to the previous author’s retirement, I will be taking the responsibility of writing this series. Continue reading for the story behind our next board member, Andrew24.

The board of directors of CPOAL are the highest ranking staff and single handedly work to make CPOAL a welcoming and fun experience for all its members. They’re constantly working behind the scenes to ensure that everything gets done in a fair and efficient manner. They work on helping armies become official, selecting judges for the many battles that occur, and hire new staff to assist in all these tasks. They do all of this alongside leading and being a part of their own armies. Today we’ll be learning more about board member, Andrew24. 

Andrew first joined armies in 2007 and was part of Ice Warriors. Throughout his initial years in armies, he “f**ed s**t up” in Dark Warriors, Golds, and of course, Ice Warriors. Today he continues to successfully lead Ice Warriors alongside Agent 11, Madhav, Regan, Iceyfeet1234, and Flamez. 

Andrew was one of the first leaders of Ice Warriors back in 2007, and led IW to great successes. Under his leadership, IW had reached its highest max of 60+ troops. This led him to create lots of friends that he’s still in touch with today. However, his leadership in IW wasn’t his only accomplishment in cpa. He also revived Golds in 2013 and led for quite some time, until about March 2014. After leading Golds, he led Doritos for about a month before moving to Dark Warriors with Freezie and Elmikey. This leadership led the Dark Warriors to one of their greatest generations. After leading DW, he and some friends joined Pirates and led them in a war against RPF.

Ice Warriors – 2015

Light Troops – 2014

Golds vs. ACP – 2014

Andrew has had a long history in cpa and that history and experience is what makes him such a great board member. We got to learn more about him in an exclusive interview.

Interview with Andrew24

CPOAL: When did you leave armies originally?

Andrew24:  My first retirement post came on December 31st, 2009. I returned back to armies near summer 2012 and met up with some old friends such as SaW, Unk, and Ganger90. I continued until about 2015 summer when I retired from IW but eventually came back a few times. Retired when CP shut down and just came back last December.

CPOAL: What brought you back to armies after retirement?

Andrew24: Well this time it was my old friend Freezie telling me to give armies one more shot. I had nothing to do at the time and he said it wasn’t as stressful as the old army community was. He lied.

CPOAL: What do you do outside of cpo?

Andrew24: Usually taking care of kingfunks’ mother. You’ll also see me on Battlefront 2.

CPOAL: What’s your favourite thing ab being the head of board?

Andrew24: Absolutely nothing.

CPOAL: Why haven’t you stepped down then?

Andrew24: The community is trying to survive, and idk about you but have you seen some other options.

CPOAL: Do you see retirement anytime soon in your future?

Andrew24: Definitely. It’s hard to keep up with CPOAL, IW, and Funk’s mother all at the same time. Especially her. Summer time would be ideal.

CPOAL: Great, thank you for your time! Any final comments for the cpoal community?

Andrew24: Why is DCP still in this community? I think 32op has herpes! Look into it.

After learning more about Andrew and his experiences with armies and being on the board, is there anything you’re still curious about? Let us know your thoughts on him in the comments and stay tuned to vote for who you would like to read about next.



CPOAL Associate Producer


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  1. love you andrew ❤


  2. O, Cool interview! Must be a success and a bit tiring…..


  3. Can’t wait for the next post “32op confirmed with herpes!?”


  4. Andrew. Rude.


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