Tree Cult Returns Again

KLONDIKE, Army League Headquarters- With the ever-growing S/M army list getting longer, we are seeing some familiar faces return to the Army League. Some of these armies include the Golden Troops, Penguin Defense Force and Rangers of CPO and the list keeps getting longer and the Tree Cult is no exception.

The Tree Cult has returned to the Army League under the Leadership of its former leader, QwertyFusion. It was created on the 16th of February 2020, with one thought in mind, the belief that children as well adults should get into the habit of planting trees, besides playing the game. This environmental dream of QwertyFusion attracted many members near the middle of March this year. They were growing on their own at a fast pace with help from the International United Armies which Qwerty says ‘helped us too much‘. He says this as they made good friends and they helped the Tree Cult invade other cities, sometimes even maxing 27+.

Tree Cult Uniform

So what happened to this once up and coming Army? CPOAL received an announcement that the Tree Cult had shut down on the 15th of April,2020. This decision came soon after the IUA decided to attack the Ice Warriors. The Tree Cult received a heavy backlash following their support to the IUA in their battle against the Ice Warriors. As a result, QwertyFusion decided to leave the IUA in order to cut his losses. This decision turned out to be the one that would eventually lead to their closure. Following their exit from the IUA, QwertyFusion, ended up as the sole Leader of the Tree Cults who now began to barely max above 10. He says, “I had to get up even at 3:00 am sometimes and battle. So I felt going to recruiting alone and also leading a whole army with 200 members alone was quite impossible.”

Almost immediately after QwertyFusion decided to close down the Tree Cult, his previous staff as well as Members of the Tree Cult Army messaged him to revive the army once again. Taking up on their requests, QwertyFusion decided to revive the army once again on the 27th of April 2020.

Under the leadership of QwertyFusion, Ugly and Travis, The Tree Cult held their Return Event on the 27th of April 2020 where they managed to max 10 penguins.

Tree Cult Return Event

Lets hear what the creator, QwertyFusion, himself has to say!


An interview with Tree Cult Leader, QwertyFusion:

CPOAL: Hello! Thanks for doing the interview! First up, why did you choose to make the Tree Cult?

QwertyFusion: Well, I was really fascinated when I first came to armies stuff. I made CPO friends in game and they helped me get Stamps. I had a best friend named Aleahy with whom I used to wear Tree Dress and invite people in game to get stamps. So from there after nearly 2 months, I thought to start “Tree Cult” as an army. I thought it to be a good name and type as it would encourage children as well as adults, whoever play CPO to plant trees besides playing games. So with all these stuff in mind, I started “The Tree Cult of CPO” with the support of my two best friends from CPO Discord, namely Doggorage and Max!

CPOAL: It is nice to see that you have made an army that is different and beneficial to us in the real world! What experience have you had in past armies?

QwertyFusion: Well, I joined Dark Warriors as my first army, when MyraQQ invited me one day. I had been in DW since then and due to closure of DW, I went to Ice Warriors to continue my rest journey of being in an army. I collected much experience as I saw them doing changes in server for good as well as battling others with good tactics. I also learnt all kinds of bombs and tactics. I am really thankful for DW and IW for starting my whole career as an Army Leader!

CPOAL: How big do you want Tree Cult to get and how far do you think it will grow?

QwertyFusion: Well, to be honest, I want Tree Cult to be one of the Major Armies in future and be in such a stable structure/state where it will grow itself. I do want TC to grow to such an extent that many members come to event as well as plant trees!

I really cannot predict how far we will go, but I have seen my staff working for TC with the love for TC, so I hope that we will get to a pretty good extent over time. Maybe it will take much time, but we will surely grow!

CPOAL: So it is safe to say you have high aspirations for Tree Cult then. Why should people choose to join your army?

QwertyFusion: I guess people should join Tree Cult to get involved with all the friends we have also if they want to do something for our planet. We are also one of the armies who respect our members’ private life and works, and do not force to come to events. Also, when we get to know members not studying due to attending our events, we don’t encourage that act, but tell them to go and study. We also play Discord games and make a whole family here. So its basically a family for all who enter!

CPOAL: Thanks so much for the interview! Is there anything else you would like to say to the CPOAL Community?

QwertyFusion: Well, yeah. I have seen the CPOAL admins, mods and staff trying to set up the whole System and add new updates, even some cool ones everyday. I saw their hard-work and all to maintain the whole CPOAL system! So I give them immense respect from my side. And I also thank the community for being so friendly with each other. Even the leaders of different armies are friendly! Last thing I would conclude by saying is that Tree Cult might not be so powerful right now, but with the support and love of everyone here in the CPOAL Community, we can grow a friendly environment both in game and in the real world! Thank you everyone!

From the interview, we can see that QwertyFusion has a good vision of where his army is headed. He has high aspirations for the Tree Cult but has also put into perspective the current state of the army. However, with the dates of the closure and the new reopening of the Tree Cult being so close, had they truly disappeared from the Army League at all?


Will the Tree Cult be able to conquer land of other armies? Will the Tree Cult become a Major Army? Will they be able to reclaim the popularity they used to have? Let us know what YOU think below in the comments!


CPO Army League Reporter

Reviewed by:


CPO Army League Editor in Chief


3 Responses

  1. goddamn legend, claps for you Qwerty


  2. A lovely report, glad Tree Cult will once again rise 🙂


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