Universal Top Ten: A Step in the Right Direction

KLONDIKE, Zing’s Office – The decision was made to release this post as a statement following concerns about the ‘Universal Top Ten/Twenty’ post that we released on our site. I am going to look at the arguments for the Top Ten and discuss why I believe that this is a step in the right direction for the entire community.

On April 29th, a statement from the administration of a different news organisation was released into public domain. The statement spoke in length and detail about a series of proposals that had been suggested by CPAC. One of the proposals that had been presented by our news site was to create a Universal Top Ten.

The idea of a Universal Top Ten is simple. Despite armies being divided onto multiple platforms, we all have something in common. The way in which we recruit, our armies, our history and more – it all stems from the same thing. We are all users who enjoy Club Penguin and want to experience a different and exciting way to play the game. Out of that came the community we are in now. The Club Penguin Army community.

What’s the definition of a proposal? I’m sure most of you would know that. Apparently, some people don’t. A Universal Top Ten is a goal the entire community has its eyes on. However, would people want to be a part of it if it’s forced on them? Let’s see!

26th April 2020, Army League CEO, Atticus, published a Universal Top Ten as a “test” on CPOAL’s news site. Please note that the army leaders in CPAM weren’t aware of it beforehand, and it surprised most of them. CP Army Media then conducted a survey and asked the leaders their opinion on the Universal TT and if CPAM should partake in it’s making.

The Administration makes some very decent and valid points in their post. One of these points was about people not wanting to feel forced into doing things. Throughout my years working in the media, I have always been an advocate for simply reporting facts. I have expressed no desire to be a government, or a council – simply a media platform in which people can get their news. Our Top Ten is conducted with a specific formula based on evidence provided by the armies themselves of how they have progressed throughout the week.

All armies are given an equal and fair opportunity in order to get an honest view of where armies are. This is why it is so crucial that all armies were given representation in the Top Ten. Any Top Ten that left specific armies out simply can not be an accurate portrayal of the community. The Universal Top Ten isn’t there to force a culture onto armies, or to try and make a power grab – it’s there to ensure that all armies are given representation. It’s there to ensure that no matter what platform you play on, your army is held to the exact same formula in order to get the facts on where everyone is performing.

Respectfully, the authors of the post included several statements from armies who play on a different platform to Club Penguin Online. It was extremely good to get two different sides of the debate in order to know how we can best adapt and change in order to make a universal Top Ten that can work for everyone. We were especially pleased to see that the CPR community voted 10-6 in favour of a Universal Top Ten – one of the leading factors in us deciding to go ahead with the test.

We’d like an unified formula and agreement from both sides before proceeding.

The above is an excerpt taken from the quote given by the Lime Green Army. Getting the right formula in place is key to making any Top Ten work. We totally agree with the fact that a formula should always be made in agreement on both sides of the debate. The formula we have got in place at the moment is tried and tested to give an accurate ranking. In the interest of fairness and accuracy, the Top Ten formula is always up to be scrutany.

While it sounded like a good idea at first, it wasn’t hard to see the fact that they could just use it to inflate their heads. A Top Ten with CPO armies was never going to be fair. You can’t compare two entirely different environments or CPPS and try to decide which singular entity in them is stronger.

The subject of fairness yet again appears in the statement given by the Help Force. The Universal Top Ten is a tool that takes our staff hours to do. We spend hours gathering information, verfying numbers and inputting the data into a spreadsheet to conduct an accurate assessment of all armies and their performances. We do this for the readers, and so that the armies in the community have something in order to strive for. In no way is it done to “inflate heads”. We do have to ensure that the Top Ten formula is fair for both armies. Right now, we are using the formula that was used by the original Club Penguin Army Central. This is a widely respected formula that was devised by the minds of an elite group of army legends.

This site wants to be a beacon of unity in the community. Although I personally advocate for a merger between the two media sites, that is not what this post is about. We do however, want to make sure that CPOAL is offering a voice to armies of different platforms. Just this week, I have attempted to do this posting about armies such as the Rebel Penguin Federation, who did an extremely good job of receiving second place in our first Universal Top Ten.

The Top Ten rankings for this week.

As you can see, last week’s Top 10 featured three armies from Club Penguuin Rewritten. In order to include more and give them fairer representation, we have decided to extend our Top 10 ranking, to a Top 20 system. CPR armies are just as deserving of our attention, recognition, and fair ranking system as any army on Club Penguin Online. We hope to prove this in the coming weeks by including more and more armies from different platforms. The Top 20 will also allow for armies that would not generally get featured on news sites to have some prominent exposure in what is always guarenteed to be the most viewed post of the week.

Regardless of what rumours are whirling around, this site is run by decent people who simply have a passion for the media. With numerous former Chief Executive Officers of CPAC and SMAP involved in this project, we are constantly making moves in order to move away from any scandals and focus on good, honest reporting of facts. Further to this, we would love to begin posting more about Club Penguin Rewritten armies on this site. We want to be a hub for all platforms. Whether you play on Club Penguin Online, Club Penguin Rewritten, Penguin Saloon or some other CPPS – we want you to be involved here. We want to communicate your stories to thousands of viewers each day.

In order to demonstrate the committment to a fair and accurate portrayal of all armies, I would like to personally extend the hand of friendship to the Chief Executive Officer of CPAM. Going forward, we would love to have the CEO as a representative for CPR armies in an advisor compasity to our Top Ten. Many armies when asked, where concerned that they would lose their voices if the Top Ten was made on this site, or if a merger happened. We want to ensure this doesn’t happen, and we are sure that Ayan would feel the same.

The offer is simple. We want your help and assistance to ensure that the Universal Top Ten is a fair and accurate representation of all armies in the Club Penguin community. We want to ensure that accuracy and fact is the mission statement, not scandal and dishonesty. Going forth, that will continue to be our mission statement. Take a step in the right direction with us.

What do YOU think? Will the Dark Warriors retain their Number One spot in the next rankings? Will an army from a different platform become the army to beat?

Zing King To

Executive Producer


4 Responses

  1. I’d love to see a united site for all things armies! RPF also looks like they might steal the number one spot next week, can’t wait to see what happens!


  2. nice post!


  3. I think seeing a universal top 20 for now on is a awesome idea! it seems like dark warriors are still going strong with big maxes so im gonna say they might retain the number 1 spot, but maybe im wrong! can’t wait for sunday!


  4. Glad you are as inclusive as you can! All armies , CPO or CPR, have a thing in common, and that is club penguin. Good job!


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