[WWR]: Deepening Grooves of War – LGA vs. ACP & Chaos

BLIZZARD, CP Army Media HQ — With Armies choosing sides in this war, we see tensions arising between the Lime Green Army, Chaos Army & the Army of Club Penguin. CP Army Media brings to you a detailed review about this sector of the World War Rewritten.

Unfolding Events

Earlier this week, we released a post describing the tense relations between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Army of Club Penguin [ Post ] In the span of three days, the war has spread from 2 Armies to 9, and counting.

Due to tensions between the LGA & ACP earlier, the armies had signed into a Non-Aggressive Pact. It prevented LGA from declaring war on ACP or attack them, which if broken, they would have to give up their enitre nation to the Army of CP. Keeping this in purview, the Lime Green Army transferred all of their nation to their allies — Rebel Penguin Federation, and declared war on the ACP & the Chaos Army.

The Rivalry

Lime Green Army:

On 29th April 2020, the Lime Green Army declared war on the Army of Club Penguin and the Chaos Army, breaking their Non-Aggressive Pact with ACP. LGA’s war declaration was based on their ally-ship with the Rebel Penguin Federation and their hate for the Chaos Army. Here’s an extract from their declarative post :

ACP used to be our ally last year. However, as time as told, our only true ally was the Rebel Penguin Federation. ACP and the Wild Ninjas were all faking. The higher command done with ACP bullying us and our brother ally. And, we are sick and tired of the Chaos army’s presence.

Chaos Army:

Soon after LGA declared war on the two armies, response posts were made from ACP and Chaos, both being the opponent in the war. The Chaos Army stood firm and responded to LGA’s war declaration accepting their war terms. Here is an extract from Chaos’ response post :

Today, the Lime Green Army declared war on us. We beat them before, and we’ll beat them again. However, they transferred their servers to RPF.
Let’s show them what Chaos can do… again.

Army of Club Penguin:

Similarly, the Army of Club Penguin posted a response to LGA’s war declaration. Taunting the LGA on their “No AUSIA Invasions” war term, here is an extract from ACP’s response post :

The Army of Club Penguin is now declaring war back against the Lime Green Army

If you can state WHEN your army gets attacked, why not just declare LGA auto victory on all terms, or declare that ACP are not allowed to defend or they forfeit the war? that’s why we bring you the following terms… (in which you have to consent to because you’ve broken our peace treaty)

The Army community has gone into a state of turmoil. With armies supporting each other, two vast factions have formed which are strong rivals. It will be interesting to see the stance of the neutral armies, who have been watching this war happen. Whatever be the results, we here at CP Army Media will keep posting the latest updates.


What are YOUR thoughts about these war declarations? Which side will have a bigger impact? How do you see this World War progressing? Comment Below and let US know!


CP Army Media Chief Executive Officer


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