[WWR]: Warlords of Kosmos Declare War On Chaos


ALASKA, Warlords of Kosmos Capital – In what we thought wouldn’t be possible in an already occurring war of the Army of Club Penguin vs. Rebel Penguin Federation, allies of both sides have been pulled in.  Multiple armies have joined these top two armies in their war, also following their lead declaring wars on the enemy. Being one of the most unexpected turn of events, the number 10 army, Warlords of Kosmos, have declared war against Chaos, currently the number 4 army in the recent Top Ten.

The Warlords of Kosmos is an army being lead by Superhero123 and Greeny for nearly a month now. Although they only max around 8, they have consistently stayed in the Top Ten since their opening. In their most recent event, they had a training where they maxed 7, preparing for their first battle with Chaos. They summarized the event as decent sizes, excellent tactics.

The Chaos Army was an army in the old Club Penguin Armies community, that was well known and thrived in the community. They have had multiple veterans throughout the years and most have even came back to play. They have recently been revived for about a week now, being lead by ZeroChaos, Owl and Orange. Their first week in this new community, they have been averaging 25 and their highest maxing 40.

On April 29th, 2020, the Warlord of Kosmos declared war on Chaos, who are currently also in another war. Warlord of Kosmos has called this to be included in the “World War Rewritten” and gave only one term; allies being allowed.

“The Chaos Army is fairly new to the CPPS community, however they have a long history stemming from the original Club Penguin Armies. Our reasoning for this war is simple: We’re assisting our allies at a time where all allies are welcomed. This is the war of all wars, so if you ever wanted to get involved in Club Penguin warfare, now is the time.” -Superhero123


Interview with Superhero123

conducted by Blueink

CPAM: As the community knows, there is currently another war between the top two armies, does this declaration of war associate with the ongoing one?

Superhero123: We don’t intend to declare war on Army of Club Penguin for the time being, but since Chaos is their brother ally and also enemy to pretty much all our allies you can’t say that there is zero association. After all we would be surprised if we don’t notice ACP soldiers helping Chaos on our battles.

CPAM: Do you intend to ask your allies for support during the fight against Chaos, if they do use allies?

Superhero123: Indeed.

CPAM: Do you have any expectations on how this war will turn out in the future?

Superhero123: What I will say applies to our war with Chaos, but also to the World War going on as a whole. I believe that both sides are pretty powerful, about equally powerful, which will lead to many ambiguous battles. This will cause army leaders not being able to agree over who won a battle, something that is already present in the RPF vs ACP war. I think some kind of army league is needed as a solution to this extremely annoying issue that really reduces the fun of it all in my honest opinion.

CPAM: Would you like to add anything else?

Superhero123: No more words, see you Chaos in the battlefield.


From the interview with Superhero123, you can see that him and the Warlords of Kosmos are very confident in themselves and their allies. Chaos is a big foe to their allies, so they felt like they had to do what was right and declare war on those that appose them. I believe this will be another fun and eventful war between the two and seeing what Chaos will do having to battle multiple wars at the same time.


What do YOU think about this unexpected occurrence? Do you think this will be a close war between the two? Do you think this will affect the outcome of the other war? Let us know what YOU think about all of this in the comments below!

CP Army Media Associate Producer

CP Army Media Editor-in-Chief


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  1. […] April 29th – WOK declares war on Chaos with one term, allies allowed. WOK states that they are declaring war in order to assist their allies at a time where allies are welcomed. […]


  2. […] April 29th – WOK declares war on Chaos with one term, allies allowed. WOK states that they are declaring war in order to assist their allies at a time where allies are welcomed. […]


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