Zing King To Returns to Club Penguin Army News

KLONDIKE, CPO Army League HQ – Former Club Penguin Army Central CEO, Zing King To has returned to the Community, after three years of being away. A name that runs synonymous with Club Penguin Army Media, Zing King To is a man who needs no introductions – but we’ll give you one anyway.

As the community curls into a ball giggling over his new reports, one might wonder, who is Zing King To?

Zing King To joined armies for the first time back in 2008. Initially a member of the Watex Warriors, he moved on to join the Ice Warriors where he stayed as 4ic until his departure from Armies in 2010.

Zing made a return to the Army Community in December of 2013, where he joined the Nachos of Club Penguin.

Zing King To then decided to join the SM Army Press at the start of 2014. A one of a kind reporter, Zing would be the first to report on any active story. He would publish reports like nobody’s business and you’d frequently have several reports from him at the end of the day. A true master of his work, Zing King To quickly worked up his way to the position of Chief Executive Officer on 22nd March 2015.


Zing King To with the Best Reporter Award in 2014

Zing King To was also a part of the Club Penguin Army Central Administration where he spent a large majority of his time as the Vice President. In recognition of his efforts, Zing King To was then promoted to Chief Executive Officer of CPAC prior to the end of armies.

With an impressive list of accomplishments, including awards for his leadership in armies as well as in media, Zing’s most notable achievement to date is remaining the only person in the community to win the CEO Award on all four major news sites in the community, CPAC, SMAP, SMAC and CPACC. Winning awards, setting records and breaking down barriers since he started in the Club Penguin Army World Media, Zing has now set his eyes on a fresh platform.

Zing King To voted as the Best CEO, and Most Achieved, in 2015

With the return of Zing King To to Club Penguin Army Media, this site has already seen an upsurge in both the number of posts as well its views, so it’s only fitting that we extend a warm welcome to our new Executive Producer. He remained one of the most notorious names in the last generation of armies, being voted in by the Legends Council as a Major Army Legend on a 9-3 vote, but he has both a dedication to his work and a breadth of knowledge of the community that go unparalleled. It goes without saying that Zing is certainly going to work tirelessly to ensure the success of the site as he looks to add more accolades to his resume in this generation.

We wish Zing the best of luck in his new role here as we continue to bring to you the best news that Club Penguin has to offer. Remember, you heard it here first!



CPO Army League Editor in Chief

Supa Em

CPO Army League Board Member


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