Marines Army Implicated in Agent 11 Attack

UPDATE: The leader of the Janitors Army has also just been declared a person on interest in the ongoing investigation into the attack on Agent 11.

GRIZZLY, Marines Army Territory – A few days ago a shocking news story shocked the very foundation of the Army Community. The announcement came about from Andrew24 on the official discord server for the Ice Warriors. Agent 11 had been attacked in real life by an unknown asailant. Following a shocking confession, it would seem that we may now have been able to identify the attacker.

On April 28th, we posted an article about an attack that happened in real life on Agent 11. At the time of posting, not much information had been revealed about the attack. The facts at the time were simply that Agent had been on his way to the shop, when he got attacked by several people. Despite putting up a good fight, Agent ultimately found himself outnumbered resulting in him needing to take a trip to the hospital and take time off from the Ice Warriors.

The following day, we posted an investigation into who attacked Agent 11. While we certainly had no proof that it was a member of the army community, the attack on Agent 11 had many suspects with clear motives. We looked at people such as Regan, who was quick to pass the blame to a fellow leader of the Ice Warriors. We looked at Madhav, the person who seemingly benefited the most from the attack. We then looked at Carole Baskin, the infamous alleged killer who fed her husband to the tigers.

Following an outcry from the public into trying to obtain new leads, we have today received a screenshot of a conversation that should shed some light on who attacked Agent 11.

As you can see, in a conversation with Regan, one of the many, many, many leaders of the Ice Warriors, and the leader of the Marines, Fish admits that it was in fact she who was responsible for the attack on Agent 11. This shocking confession has rocked the community with many now feeling unsafe and wondering whether or not the Marines Army is now one that can be trusted.

Not satisfied with the simple confession, the community began launching their very own investigation into the event. Although we do not currently know who else was involved in the attack, the evidence appears to be stacking up against Fish – possibly what had led to this confession.

As you can see from the above screenshot, Regan attempted to identify what Fish’s motive was for the attack on Agent 11. Regan then revealed that Agent 11 had previously banned the leader of the Marines on the Ice Warriors chat. Fish then attempted to assess whether or not he had done enough damage. Regan continued to piece together what had actually taken place coming up with the highly likely theory that Fish was attempting to avenge the discord ban, with a “ban from life.”

This is further backed up by comments made by Fish earlier in the month discussing banning 11. The comments clearly demonstrate that this was a premeditated attack on the Ice Warriors leader and a direct violation of the law.

With Fish clearly the culprit of the attack on Agent 11, it still leaves the community with many questions. How was Carole Baskin involved in the attack and did she kill her husband? Marines leader Buddy recently called for an alliance with the Ice Warriors following a practice battle that took place on April 30th. With this shocking announcement, it is yet to be seen if an alliance could ever possibly work with the bad blood that exists between these two prominent figures.

What do YOU think? Should the Marines be punished for the attack on Agent 11? Did Carole Baskin kill her husband?

Zing King To

Executive Producer

4 Responses

  1. Look,idk anything about Carole Baskin,but i say the marines should be punished for this silly attack,11 was innocence he just banned him from IW.

    I say the marines should get punished


  2. 1. I am not leader of marines I am mod in it
    2. I would ban him from janitors or SAA if he ever joins for no reason as he did it to me
    3. why would I fly to where ever 11 lives to attack him
    4 i am in England and it is in lockdown so i cant leave
    5 if i did attack someone it would be the leader i absolutely hate who i am not going to say as i will be banned from an allience
    there is all my innocents
    Da Best
    Owner of SAA


  3. Woody did nothing wrong, but we do have a confession of Fish. Also why are we even talking about this AT ALL. THIS IS AN ATTACK IRL BUT WE ARE TALKING ABT THIS SO SERIOUSLY. I mean I know that this is sarcastic, but still…


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