Administration Changes at CPO: Army League News

KLONDIKE, Zing’s Office – Legend in the community, and creator of CPAOL, Epic101 has announced today in a meeting with the higher ups in the army media that he will be retiring from the media.

The foundations of this news site have changed a lot recently. Earlier in the week it was reported that Supa Em and Zing King To had made their returns to the Army Media. Supa Em, former CPAC Division Manager and SMAP Chief Executive Officer, announced that she would be coming back to the community in order to advise and direct the site into a new positive direction. Zing King To, former CEO of CPAC, SMAP and CPACC also returned with an eye to moving away from scandal and dishonesty to accuracy and facts.

With site views at an all time high, and brand new innovative ideas at the helm ready to propel us into the summer, Epic101 has decided that it is now time for him to step away from the media at the CPO Army League. Epic has been responsible for the success enjoyed by several armies. From Pirates to the Light Troops, Epic101 has proved to be a prominent and influential figure in the community well deserving of his role at Major Army Legend.

Going forward on the site, Atticus947 will remain as the Chief Executive Officer and will do so solo, with the second Chief Executive Officer position being left open. The ‘CPAC 5’ will continue to look after the site and its assets as Atticus, Zing, Supa Em, Superoo and Kingfunks4 lead the site into the summer with many things to look out for including new inductees to Legend Status, the Legends Cup Tournament and the Summer Awards.

Epic101’s departure from the site will be met with a lot of sadness from people within the community and the team. With a new vision on where to take this site, and a brand new updated mission statement from the staff, Epic101 has ensured that he has left the site in good, capable hands in order to continue providing you all with the #1 source of CPOnline news.

What do YOU think? Where will Epic101 go from here? What summer activity are you looking forward to the most?

Zing King To

Executive Producer

Zukes Edit – Hi I’m Zuke, I’m looking after the site and keeping everything up to date. If anyone noticed I added likes and dislikes to the comments, scroll down, and comment below see how many likes or dislikes you get.
Message me on discord if you have any questions about this site. : )


8 Responses

  1. Epic will be missed by all, I’m sure. He’s grown the league to a new high armies have never seen before. I wish him well with retirement! If Epic stays with cpo I think he may focus on the cpo minecraft server more.

    The awards and s/m army tournament sound super cool, I look forward to those the most!


  2. Bye epic101 you are a great guy


  3. Isn’t this like the third time he’s retired?


  4. Who else am I going to dm for free coins


    • He will be missed by all though for everything he has done to make armies a bigger part of CPO. Without him armies might have never maxed these sizes


  5. Bye epic101! You where always there when we nedeed you. Thank you.


  6. Im pretty sure he removed me from a server once, but, I will still miss him a lot!


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