[WWR]: Pizza Federation Declares War on Warlords of Kosmos

BLIZZARD, CP Army Media Headquarters – World War Rewritten has been the hot debate of the community for the past week, and the latest to join the conflict is the Pizza Federation, who have recently declared war on the Warlords of Kosmos.

With the events of World War Rewritten occurring at a rapid speed (click here for the live blog), two more armies have been brought into the drama. The war declaration came on April 30th, with Pizza Federation leader R3TRO breaking the news on his army website:

On April 30th, 2020, Warlords of Kosmos declared war on our allies, Chaos of CPR. In response, we will help our allies and join the fight. We will not stop until this is a PZF victory. I want everyone to be at our next events to ensure we win this war. Good luck WoK. IN CRUST WE TRUST!

The Warlords of Kosmos were quick to respond, and issued a counter-declaration of war in return on May 1st. Leader Greeney set a variety of terms, including no allies, no colonising and no time restrictions on the battles. Alongside this was an invasion of the server Sleet, scheduled for Sunday May 3rd, and the following statement:

It would appear that Pizza Federation wanted an entry to this war and thought going through us was their best match. Let’s prove to them that they should’ve stayed a neutral party.

But despite the scheduled invasion, the first skirmish between the two armies occurred on May 1st, when the Pizza Federation stood in for the Chaos Army’s defence against the Warlords of Kosmos. The pair battled on CP Army: The Game’s server Slushy, and it resulted in a disputed victory. While the Warlords claimed victory, the Pizza Federation disagreed and stated the result was a tie.

The Warlords claimed a maximum size of 23, and even handed out promotions based on their performance. Superhero123, another Warlords leader, described Pizza Federation as an easier opponent than Chaos (click here), and praised the Warlords on their “big force and great tactics”.

In contrast, R3TRO described the battle as “intense”, claiming the Warlords benefited from Help Force’s appearance in the second and third battle rooms. With a maximum size of 13 recorded, R3TRO seemed content with his army’s performance and finished his results post (click here) by expressing his dislike at the use of allies.

With the first battle in the war between these two armies set to occur tomorrow, who will come out on top? Will the battles continue to be disputed, or will one rise above and dominate the other? CP Army Media will continue to cover these events and bring you all the latest happenings in World War Rewritten.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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