World War Rewritten — The Expansion

BLIZZARD, CP Army Media HQ — As the third day of the war rolls in, we see yet another busy day full of battles, armies claiming victories and even more declarations of war. CP Army Media brings you a recap on the continues madness which is World War Rewritten.
This War Day Recap consists of incidents which happened on 30th April 2020.

Key Incidents

  • Rebel Penguin Federation is made to defend Deep Freeze (CPR) and Marshmallow (CPR) against Army of Club Penguin and Chaos. Every army claims victory over each other.
  • Warlords of Kosmos invades Chaos’ server Ascent (CPR) with both armies claiming victory at the end.
  • The Pizza Federation declares war on Warlords of Kosmos to try and help Chaos in their war against WOK.
  • Help Force, a close ally of the Army of Club Penguin, shockingly declares war on ACP in a move nobody expected.
  • Recon Federation of Club Penguin declares war on RPF, PIC and LGA to help former enemies ACP against what RFCP calls an “intoxicated” battle schedule.



Battle of Deep Freeze (CPR): ACP vs RPF

Room 1 - Stadium

Room 1 – Stadium

Room 2 – Inside the Mine


Battle of Marshmallow (CPR): RFCP vs RPF




WOK’s Invasion of Chaos’ Server – Ascent (CPR)


Room 2 – Stadium

Room 3 – Inside the Mine


Project Leaders: Pookie437

Project Contributors: AyanDinoRocket, Zoomey, Pjayo


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