World War Rewritten — The First Day

BLIZZARD, CP Army Media HQ — The war has begun, with the First Day of it, we see several things going around. CP Army Media brings to you a Recap of the first War day in the World War Rewritten.
This post includes the incidents which happened on 28th April 2020.

Key Incidents

  • Kings of CPR declare war on RPF, stating that the declaration came out of allies needing them.
  • Rebel Penguin Federation invades Army of Club Penguin‘s – Mammoth CPR & Chaos‘ – Deep Freeze CPR [AUSIA Invasions].
  • Both RPF & ACP claim victory over the battle of Mammoth CPR. Chaos doesn’t show up for defense.
  • Rebel Penguin Federation invades Army of Club Penguin‘s – Mammoth CPATG & Chaos‘ – Beanie CPR.
  • All three armies claim victory over their Invasions/Defenses.



Battle of Mammoth CPR [RPF vs. ACP]




RPF’s Invasion of Deep Freeze CPR [Chaos No Show]

Deep Freeze

Battle of Mammoth CPATG [RPF vs. ACP]



Ship Hold

Battle of Beanie [RPF vs. Chaos]



Pet Shop


With several Battles taking place on the First day of the World War Rewritten, What do YOU think would happen in the near future?


Project Leaders: Pookie437

Project Contributors: Ayan, Dino, Rocket, Zoomey, Pjayo


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