World War Rewritten — The Mayhem

BLIZZARD, CP Army Media HQ — The war has launched into its second day with even more action and armies getting involved in major conflicts. CP Army Media brings to you a Recap of the first War day in the World War Rewritten.
This War Recap consists of Incidents which happened on 29th April 2020.

Key Incidents

  • Warlords of Kosmos declares war on Chaos Army, stating their reasoning for war to assist their allies. The only rule: allies are permitted.
  • Both the Army of Club Penguin and People’s Imperial Confederation declare war on one another, with ACP’s declaration being first.
  • Dino, new leader of the Lime Green Army, declares war against ACP and Chaos Army and transfers all present territory to RPF.
  • Chaos Army invades Rebel Penguin Federation‘s – Tuxedo CPATG, their capital.
  • With over 250 penguins from 7 different armies, it was one of the most explosive battles to be seen. All sides claimed victory by the end.



Battle of Mammoth CPATG 

Chaos & PZF vs. PIC – Town

Chaos, PZF & OMA vs. PIC – Forest


Project Leaders: Pookie437

Project Contributors: Ayan, Dino, Rocket, Zoomey, Pjayo


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