Chaos and Warlords of Kosmos End Conflict

BLIZZARD, CP Army Media Headquarters ─ The Warlords of Kosmos and Chaos Army are the latest to settle their disputes, and have even gone to the extent of forming an alliance? But, is it genuine, and what were the events that lead to this?

World War Rewritten has been the topic of debate this past week, with almost every army in the community joining in conflict with another at some point. Two such armies, the Warlords of Kosmos and Chaos, first came into conflict with each other when the Warlords issued a declaration on April 29th. The sole reason behind this was laid out in leader Greeny’s website statement:

Our reasoning for this war is simple: We’re assisting our allies at a time where all allies are welcomed. This is the war of all wars, so if you ever wanted to get involved in Club Penguin warfare, now is the time.

Alongside a single term, “allies allowed”, two invasions of Chaos’ nation were scheduled: for the servers Ascent and Slushy. This first battle took place on April 30th, and was handled by the armies’ European division. The battle was hotly contested, with both sides claiming a victory over the other.

April 30th: The Battle for Ascent

While Chaos claimed a maximum size of 35, the Warlords noted a peak of 33. As per the Warlords “allies allowed” term, the Rebel Penguin Federation came in support, while the Army of Club Penguin staff aided the Chaos Army’s effort. Both armies displayed an array of strong word tactics and emotes in the three battles: the Ice Berg, Ice Rink and Mine Interior. Orange, one of Chaos’ leaders, praised his army’s performance and mocked the RPF’s attendance in his results post. Likewise, an ecstatic Superhero123 awarded promotions for the Warlords execution.

The two opponents battling to win the Mine Interior

With the first battle disputed, the second invasion from the Warlords was scheduled for the following day, May 1st. However, Chaos failed to attend and instead received support from the Pizza Federation, who logged onto the server Slushy to defend in Chaos’ place. While the Pizza Federation claimed a tie, the Warlords claimed victory and a maximum size of 23 penguins. Click here for the full story behind the Pizza Federation/Warlords of Kosmos war.

The Battle for Slushy, May 1st.

The conflict between these rivals concluded on May 2nd, with a treaty making this official. Chaos agreed to surrender their claim of CP Rewritten’s Ascent and CP Army: The Game’s Slushy, both of which are now under the Warlords occupation. Additionally, and most surprisingly, the two armies have become allies.

The Chaos/Warlords peace treaty. Click to enlarge.

Since then, the Chaos’ have declared a state of isolation, with a very short website post indicating this could last as long as May 17th. On the other hand, the Warlords of Kosmos are still in conflict with the Pizza Federation, Kings and Os Mascarados, with the first official battle of that war taking place on May 3rd. Will the alliance between Chaos and Warlords last? Or could bad blood resurface at the end of their one-month peace treaty?

What do YOU think? Do you think this will ensure peace later down the road? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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