[WWR] Tussle on Tuxedo – The Story Behind

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – 29th April, 2020. What began as a war between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Army of Club Penguin, would become a world war with one of the biggest battles in CPPS history, seeing over 250 penguins simultaneously brawling it out on RPF capital, Tuxedo.

Editor’s Note: We have made our best attempt to cover all sides of the story in the events leading up to the battle. We apologize in advance if certain details are not covered, or if specific parts of the narrative are missing.

Part 1 – Background

Part 1.1: Army Relations

The army community is extremely complex. This segment aims to cover the notable army relations surrounding the key players of the war before the entire world war broke out. The following is arranged in alphabetical order.

Army of Club PenguinChaos

Chaos leaders Sky and Orange were both ACP vets, and various members of the ACP had previous ranks in Chaos. Amidst the friendships formed in the original CPA community, Chaos quickly became allies with the Army of Club Penguin.

Army of Club PenguinLime Green Army

The Army of Club Penguin and the Lime Green Army would be allies as part of the New Dawn Alliance with the RPF for most of 2019, until LGA’s closure in December of that year. With the return of LGA into the community under Moshivictus’ helm, with Moshi’s tumultuous history with members of the ACP, tensions began to rise. In April, ACP receives information of war threats from the LGA; amidst LGA requests for dual enlistment, LGA agrees to a 4-month peace treaty with the ACP. Following the coup of Moshi, LGA began to mend relations with the ACP, but was promptly stopped amidst the waging war.

Army of Club Penguin – Rebel Penguin Federation

Throughout most of 2019, and indeed when the Army of Club Penguin returned to the community, RPF and ACP were “brother” allies. First led by Chainpro, then ex-RPF staff Koloway, RPF and ACP maintained a close friendship, forming part of the New Dawn Alliance with the Lime Green army throughout 2019.

However, with the closure of CPA, and amidst the transition to CPAM, the RPF declared that they were no longer allies with the Army of Club Penguin. Amidst multiple attempts for an alliance or a neutrality agreement in the future, no successful attempt at this would occur.

On April 2nd, 2020, ACP received information that RPF was writing up a war declaration against the ACP, in addition of screenshots of anti-ACP tactics. RPF would proceed to deny such claims and explain that they were part of tournament efforts.

Army of Club PenguinPeople’s Imperial Confederation

The Army of Club Penguin entered war with the People’s Imperial Confederation in November 2019. Whilst the war did not destroy the army, PIC soon fell apart due to internal conflicts. The war left a bitter taste in the mouths of some PIC members, sowing the seeds for future ACP-PIC tensions.

On April 2nd, 2020, a conflict erupted between PIC and ACP over allegations of troop stealing and other drama, leading to ACP troops being banned from PIC chat. This would later on be repealed, but would further exacerbate ACP-PIC tensions.

Army of Club PenguinRecon Federation of Club Penguin

The Army of Club Penguin and Recon Federation of Club Penguin entered war in October 2019. Since then, tensions between the two armies have remained high. On April 19th, 2020, the RFCP declared war once again on the ACP, coined “the War of Second Coming”.

Chaos – People’s Imperial Confederation

Chaos leaders Sky, Orange and Owl were good friends with Sidie9 during original CPA. With their previous friendships, Chaos quickly allied with the People’s Imperial Confederation.

Lime Green ArmyPeople’s Imperial Confederation

The Lime Green Army would become the first army the People’s Imperial Confederation battled in its history, in a practice battle in October 2019. Both armies would remain on good terms, until the return of LGA in April 2020 under the helm of Moshivictus. Following the coup of Moshi, and the exacerbation of war, PIC and LGA would then consider themselves allies.

Lime Green Army – Rebel Penguin Federation

The Lime Green Army and Rebel Penguin Federation have always had positive relations for both the original days and CPPS generation. On July 7th, 2019, the LGA and RPF became allies due to a deal in which LGA would give RPF Tuxedo. The two armies and the ACP entered into the New Dawn Alliance together. On April 19th, 2020, the two armies re-allied, this time forming a brother alliance.

People’s Imperial Confederation – Rebel Penguin Federation

Under the leadership of creator Sidie9 in October 2019, the People’s Imperial Confederation had positive relationships with the Rebel Penguin Federation in its early days, with RPF transferring several severs to the PIC following the RFCP vs. ACP war. Returning to the community in March 2020, with PIC leader Manu’s close relationship with the RPF, RPF would become PIC’s first allies in the new generation. PIC would also become the first allies for the RPF since the inauguration of CPAM.

Pizza FederationRecon Federation of Club Penguin

PZF leader Retro maintained close friendships with RFCP leader Prior Bumble, being allied with the RFCP for a long time.

Part 1.2 The Klondike Pact

In late March 2020, the “Klondike Pact” was formed between the Romans, RPF, OMA, PZF and the PIC. Spurred by Koloway’s attempt to merge the Romans into ACP, multiple members of the community believed that Koloway was still heavily involved in ACP’s foreign relations and was “shadow leading” the ACP, taking issue with how he handled foreign affairs. Afraid that Koloway wanted to monopolize smaller armies, the armies banded together and sought help from the RPF, as an ally to the pact to protect them if ACP declared war.

However, on April 6th, 2020, the pact temporarily adjourned due to infighting caused by LGA leader Moshi. Albeit the adjourning of the pact, and later discussions with ACP the addressed some concerns, this pact would become the roots of a bigger alliance later on.

Part 2 – The Catalyst

April 24th, 2020. A user known only as “The Man with The Plan” published a series of posts with screenshots of ACP staff chats surrounding statements made against CPAM, RPF and HF (CPAM coverage here). Dissatisfied with ACP’s response, the Rebel Penguin Federation promptly declared war on April 27th, 2020 (CPAM coverage here).

On the same day, Chaos, a relatively new contender in CPAM’s weekly Top 10, declared allies with the Army of Club Penguin, declaring war on the Rebel Penguin Federation, scheduling their first invasion of RPF territory Crystal, on the 29th of April.

However, it seemed that both RPF and Help Force had Crystal claimed as their territory. The two armies quickly sorted out the disputed land ownership, with Help Force gaining ownership of Crystal.

Albeit the fact that the invasion was scheduled by Chaos, ACP were the people notified of this server transfer. Chaos, unhappy that the RPF did not inform them of the change in server ownership, retaliated by changing the location of the planned invasion to RPF capital, Tuxedo at 8 AM EST. Despite the unorthodox change in invasion plans, the RPF would reschedule their events for the day to defend their capital.

Part 3 – The “Calm” Before the Storm

With the ACP-Chaos alliance secured, the community expected a battle between these 3 armies. What no one could have anticipated was in the span of a couple hours, a historical brawl between 10 armies would erupt, seeing over 250+ penguins online, with battles raging on in over 4 rooms, locked-out troops scattered all around the map, trying to get into the main battlefield.

Part 3.1 The ACP-Aliens-Chaos-Kings-OMA-PZF-RFCP Alliance

shortened as “The ACP side” for simplicity

The ACP-Chaos alliance had already been established; and on April 29th, just hours before the showdown on Tuxedo, the Army of Club Penguin published an official “Call to Arms”, in which they asked their historical enemies RFCP to fight against the RPF. The RFCP accepted.

The Os Mascarados and Kings had previously established alliances with the ACP – hearing of the waging war, both responded to the calls for support, logging on as part of the ACP alliance.

The Aliens, with their recent move to CPR, became officially allied with the ACP at 11:30 AM EST, agreeing to log on for the battle of Tuxedo.

Although the Pizza Federation was previously involved in the Klondike pact, the PZF were allied with Chaos and RFCP before the war. With personal vendettas against the People’s Imperial Confederation, the PZF decided to join forces with the ACP side at 12:45 PM EST, hoping to wage war against the PIC.

Part 3.2 The LGA-PIC-RPF Alliance

shortened as “The RPF side” for simplicity

The Klondike pact in late March solidified the close alliance between LGA, PIC and RPF – with PIC and LGA both being brother allies with the Rebel Penguin Federation. RPF, hearing the invasion threat of their capital Tuxedo, began calling their brother allies for support amidst the raging war.

The Lime Green Army were originally bound by a peace treaty with the ACP – however, the LGA found a loophole, breaking the treaty and transferring all land to the RPF at 12:27 PM EST – just 1.5 hours before the battle on Tuxedo.

LGA transfers all land to the RPF

The transferal of land would allow LGA to break the ACP peace treaty with no repercussions – in which the LGA then officially declared war against the Army of Club Penguin and Chaos.

With the existing tensions between PIC and ACP, the ACP declared war on the PIC at 1:29 PM EST, only 30 minutes before the confrontation on Tuxedo. PIC retaliated with a declaration of war against the ACP (CPAM coverage here), joining the RPF side to show support for their brother allies, despite being allied with Chaos.

OM and PZF, initial members of the Klondike Pact, would join the other side based on other foreign relations.

Part 4 – The Tussle on Tuxedo

8 AM EST – the community expected 3, albeit quite substantial, armies to show up to battle over Tuxedo – in just 6 hours, multiple alliances were formed, and armies were called in to fight. A battle that started between 3 armies would unfold into a struggle between all walks of the community.

2 PM EST – the battle begins. The main rooms would be Berg, Forts and Docks, set by the Chaos Army. However, Chaos was battling in the skirmishes of these rooms – the major fight would be between ACP-RFCP, and the RPF.

ACP-RFCP vs. RPF in Forts

ACP-RFCP vs. RPF in Berg

Outside the main battle room though, troops from both sides fought valiantly. Chaos-PZF-OMA faced off against the PIC in the Town and Forest.

Both sides would claim victory over Tuxedo.

Part 5 – The Aftermath

What began as a war between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Army of Club Penguin had now, with the threat against RPF capital Tuxedo, evolved into a world war. Armies with previously no affiliations or tensions would fight unfalteringly against each other – in the main room, or in the surrounding areas. Only 3 armies out of last week’s Top 10 would be left neutral – the Shadow Troops, Red Velvet Army and Warlords of Kosmos. Armies, whether wanting in on the action, or only wishing to come to aid their allies, were ushered to pick sides in this colossal conflict.

This is the story of how World War Rewritten began.


CPAM Editor-in-Chief

Special thanks to:


CPAM Editor-in-Chief


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