CPAM: Up Till Now

Blizzard, CPAM HQ – As World War Rewritten comes to a close, CPAM would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the past few months since CPAM’s conception. In an effort to commemorate its growth and success, as well as to note down our history as it happens, the content of this article will detail everything that has brought CPAM to this point. We wish our readers an enjoyable time while reading this post.


In January, Emcee, then RPF Second In Command and CPA staff member, presented an idea to the rest of RPF HCOM and eventually other army leaders. This idea didn’t have a name yet, but it drew on the past and what she knew of army roots. CPA seemed to be falling. Many decisions in the community up until then were decided by administration with little input from armies themselves. Bearing this in mind, she proposed to the Top 3 CPPS army leaders that they create their own organization.

Those leaders would choose the administration of it, and that administration would solely cover news media and host tournaments, eliminating the league aspect which, at that moment, was causing a lot of conflict. In this new “league-less” organization, army leaders would vote on major changes to that organization and work together to influence the community’s direction.

The initial proposal written to the army leaders of ACP, HF, and RPF in the group chat formed to discuss what to do moving forward.

With the then army leaders’ and various advisors supporting the idea, everyone got to work on deciding specifics. Ayan, a now retired leader, was chosen to run the organization. Koloway and Emcee would appointed to Executive Producer. Ultipenguinj would join them as an advisor, initiating much of set up. With his experience in similar organizations, Csy was appointed Editor-In-Chief. To start fresh and create a clean slate, a new website and Discord would need creating and a new name would be chosen: CPAM (Club Penguin Army Media).

CPAM would become the name of the organization.

The next steps are planned out.

From there, army leaders demonstrated cooperation beyond what any of us had seen up till then in the CPPS community. RPF, HF, and ACP worked together to build an infrastructure, recruit new staff, establish which armies would take part initially, and revive an old CPAC Top Ten formula before officially opening.

The release and final plans are discussed.

A CPAM server icon prototype.

Our first announcement in CPAM!


With the Discord and new website launched, CPAM began with its first Top Ten. This only had seven armies, but we counted this as a good base to build off. As you will see in this post, it certainly didn’t stop there. With the Top Ten established, the infant organization began to tackle army news. Our new reporting staff conducted troop interviews, covered current events, reviewed battles, provided war updates, and took a closer look at individual armies. Nine posts were published that month, kick starting CPAM news media.

Along with these aspects, former CPA Administrators DMT and Superhero123 joined us as advisors in CPAM, and Super partnered with CPAM to utilize it as a platform for his CPPS, Club Penguin Armies: The Game (CPATG). CPATG would need funding to keep it running. Luckily, our generous donor, Sirplus1881, kept CPATG running and allowed it to improve security, stability, and quality for continued army use.

After a brief dip, the beginning of March brought the amount of registered armies up to ten, in CPAM’s first full Top Ten. The army list would continue to fluctuate, however. We attempted to hold out first tournament. Due to few registrations, it was cancelled.

The rise in recruits and returned focus to armies due to COVID-19 meant there was more happening to cover and more community members involved. To facilitate more community conversation and open up discussion for a future anticipated tournament, CPAM opened a general chat. It came with new rules, moderation, and filters as well as our first Producer, Pookie437.

With an increased staff and army leaders in agreement on a proposed tournament, CPAM would announce its Premier League Tournament. By the end of March, CPAM had seven stable armies on its Top Ten. It also had 21 posts, a significant increase from the month before. We would go into April preparing for our first big event.

[Tournament and Rise]

With the CPAM Premier League Tournament starting up, CPAM’s first Top Ten of April included a full 10 armies. The amount of growth in April was astounding. Even while the tournament went on, several new armies would register including Lime Green Army, Shadow Troops, Takis, and Warlords of Kosmos.

The tournament continued amidst the boost in activity and the reporting team was kept busy with tournament battle recaps and revival posts, all leading up to the Finals featuring ACP vs. RPF. CPAM was proud to sponsor one of the largest tournament battles in CPPS history. The tournament concluded with the Rebel Penguin Federation as its victor.

Finals Results Announcement

RPF was presented with this graphic, featuring a penguin in uniform with their new trophy.

The tournament finally ended. CPAM turned its focus to expanding staff and infrastructure as even more armies continued to join. New armies joining in April would include Aliens of Club Penguin, Crimson Guardians, Kings of Club Penguin, Chaos Army, and Red Velvet Army. Staff would see a new Editor-In-Chief, Dino, promoted, and a large amount of new staff joined us for the ride. The site would make some major changes and be refined for better content and presentation.

[Reformation and Conflict]

With the recent success of the general chat and better moderation, we’ve chosen to cut down on some channels. Talks with CPO regarding a merger were discussed, but was vetoed by a majority of the CPAM army leaders. The Editor position was closed in favor of an Associate Producer position. With the assistance of Producer Pookie437, Executive Producer Emcee, and Editor-in-Chief CSY, the Top-Ten forumla/process was adjusted and reformed.

Amidst all this, ACP staff chat leaks would provoke the first World War in CPAM history, a large contrast to the smaller skirmishes between armies that CPAM previously reported on. Initially a conflict between RPF and ACP, the war would expand to include Chaos, Kings of CP, WOK, PIC, LGA, PZF, and HF. After a complicated series of events and five days of turmoil, the world war came to an end only two days ago at the time of this article’s conception. These final events only served to bolster the most recent Top Ten with a full ten at the top and five more armies listed as near the top, our largest amount of army participants. April came to an end with a total of 38 posts and May begins with 25 armies registered.

[Future Plans]

What’s to come? Inductions for 2019 legend have begun. CPAM has partnered with the former CPA staff who will oversee this process. We look forward to community voting and the announcement of new Legends.

CPAM staff are currently discussing future changes to infrastructure with army leaders following what we’ve learned from recent events. Those changes, if they are to occur, will be announced soon!

We look forward to expanding our reporting team even further and experimenting with innovative post topics for interesting reading. In addition, we will be plotting out our Summer plans with various events and activities for all armies.


When we first drafted this idea, we had no idea how far it would go. We’re very proud of all that we’ve accomplished. We couldn’t have done it without the incredible staff and everyone else involved in the community who choose to participate in it. Thank you to everyone in CPAM: army leaders, community members, staff members, and otherwise.

Big things are coming.


Chief Executive Officer


Executive Producer






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  1. As 2015 vet of CPAC era, I like this post and it’s quality a lot. Good Job CPAM stuff!


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