Masterminds: Pjayo

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters — Welcome to the first edition of “Masterminds,” a new series through which CP Army Media interacts with the Community Leaders. For our first edition, we have Pjayo with us, who’s a veteran in club penguin armies as well as a current Golden Guardians’ Leader.


Pjayo joined armies in 2010 when he saw the Army of Club Penguin recruiting at the Docks. He then ranked up in ACP slowly throughout the beginning stages of his army career. He states that ACP has always been rigid in how they promote people. Using that as an advantage, the Doritos of Club Penguin offered a Moderator position to Pjayo, which he accepted.

Pjayo was tossed out of DCP eventually after he tried getting rid of Mustapha10, DCP’s legendary leader. Still interested in armies, Pjayo joined the Dark Warriors for a Moderator rank. He pushed through the ranks and got set up to lead DW following Freezie & Spi101’s retirement. Pjayo’s tenure in DW didn’t last long due to an internal leadership rebellion happening after the Spreezie Duo retired from the army.

In early 2014, Pjayo joined the Water Vikings, for which he still stands renowned. That summer would go on to be dubbed as the “Blue Summer” as WV shot through the top ten into first. He had his first retirement from armies when Buddy, King Funks, and Stromae took over the helm of the organization. Pjayo would come back briefly to lead a side project he had worked on before called the Dragons, a short stint in the SMAP Top Ten. For a while, Pjayo was a DCP leader under whose tenure the army fought a war against WV. He vanished entirely in 2017 after the Disney Club Penguin closed its doors.

Water Vikings under Pjayo’s lead

With the Corona Virus outbreak in 2020, several veterans returned to Club Penguin Armies. Pjayo decided to check everything out during this crisis and got messaged by a Help Force member, who tried recruiting him. After giving them some advice, he got an urge to lead again. He revived the Shadow Troops, which paved its way into the Top Ten armies of CP Army Media.

As Water Viking veterans flooded back following Flen’s mass email, Pjayo got together with a few of his former peers to recreate the Water Vikings for one last attempt at reaching the top. Sadly, due to issues with obtaining the site, they eventually decided to create their legacy and created the Golden Guardians.

Shadow Troops’s Return event

Interview Section:

CP Army Media approached Pjayo and decided to ask him some interesting questions. Let’s see what his responses were!

Q: You’ve spent so much time doing Club Penguin Armies. Has it changed your life in any way?

It’s created friendships that still stand strong, it’s changed the way I look at Club Penguin, it’s entirely changed how fast I type, my knowledge of HTML, I could go on and on about it. There are some negatives though. I’ve sort of grown numb to the idea of doxing and DDOSing, as it was commonplace back then, I’m certainly cruder than I would have been without CPA, and due to restrictions on xat, it’s almost impossible for me to type out full paragraphs when I’m chatting with someone, I tend to space out messages by sentences.

Q: If you had to choose one, which would be the best moment of your CP Army Career?

Absolutely the final event on Mammoth. Everyone was together, we all were united as THE Club Penguin Army. Guys who had hated each other the week before put it aside to unite and claim Mammoth permanently for Armies. Also, I get to claim I lead the FINAL tactic in CPA history. So that’s an easy pick.

Q: Do you have any hobbies you’d like to share with our readers? Apart from CPA, of course!

The only thing I really do right now is Team Fortress, and work on my truck. Can’t really leave the house with everything going on

Q: The whole community awaits to see what the Golden Guardians have. What are your aims with the army?

My aims are simple: Relive the glory days that I had back in 2014. If you read Funks’ article you’ll see the original plan was to bring back WV. While that was great, in the end, I do prefer Golden Guardians. It’s my own legacy. My parting gift to CPA. If through some miracle(or curse) armies are still around, I want people to really WANT to revive Golden Guardians. Saying that I want to be high on the top ten is obvious, who doesn’t want that. But being able to change the landscape in the same way Oagalthorp, Ambrosha, Icey, Jamesbond1, and Commando717 did? That would be cool, that’s what I’m aiming for. Maybe I achieve that, maybe I don’t. But so far, at least, I think we’re on a good trajectory, and I think we’re gonna be able to achieve that in due time.


Considering all of the above, Pjayo has definitely been a vital figure in Club Penguin Armies. CP Army Media wishes the best for him and the army he leads. This concludes our post of the “Masterminds.” Be sure to check back every week for another part of the series!

Do YOU think you’re a Mastermind? Comment Below if you want to be interviewed next!


CP Army Media Chief Executive Officer

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  1. pjayo…mastermind???
    no hes just my toy


  2. Don’t listen to funks he’s just salty about 2012 ACP I’m a stud


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