Uganda Be Kidding Me: Defence Force Arrives on Scene

KLONDIKE, Zing’s Office – Once ruled by the United Kingdom, declaring independence in 1962 – Uganda is a country in East Central Africa. The country has recently been making waves in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. With issues mounting up, the official Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force has arrived.

Always known for his fetish for all things Uganda, the Golden Guardians Second in Command, Manu decided to open a new defence force today. It has been speculated for many years in ancient Ugandan prophecies that a defence force would rise following a pandemic.

With unsettled government and a health care crisis, Manu knew that it was time to take a stand for Uganda, and contribute to the cause in the best way he could.

Maxing nine troops in their first event, the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force reminded the whole community that despite the good conditions they live in, some people out there have it tough.

With flawless tactics, a range of formations and good use of bombs, emotes and slogans, the army now looks towards the historic Universal Top Twenty, hoping to rank high.

The birthday event for the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force has been hailed as a giant success, with several good hard working people coming to the defence of Uganda and coming out to honour it like we all should.

With the Legends Cup coming this summer, the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force have understood the magnitude of the opportunity that they will soon have. Hoping to not only raise awareness for Uganda, but bring some much needed success to the good people of the country, a Legends Cup victory is a high priority.

With CP Army Media releasing our first ever historic universal Top Twenty list, keen watchful eyes will swoon down on the post as we assess the performance of this upcoming army.

What do YOU think? Are the Rebel Penguin Federation about to beg for a Non Agression Pact? Should the Legends Cup trophy just be handed to the Ugandan Defence Force right now? Comment and let us know.

Zing King To

CP Army Media Executive Producer


2 Responses

  1. In my opinion RPF better have a non aggression pact with them ASAP




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