Uganda Be Kidding Me: Koloway Coup’d as 2funky3 Takes Over URDF

KLONDIKE, Orange’s Office – Huge updates have today appeared from the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force. In an attempt to protect, serve and defend the East Central country of Uganda, a group of hero’s have emerged from the dust in order to do so. With those hero’s having big ambitions, it seems that they might not be singing from the same Ugandan national anthem.

On May 9th, Zing King To made a post announcing the arrival of the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force to the Club Penguin Army community. Electing to make Club Penguin Rewritten their chosen platform for restoring much needed justice and defence to Uganda, the army decided to log on for an event.

They logged onto to Club Penguin Rewritten and hosted their first event. Maxing nine, the army impressed with every single troop doing every single tactic, something that is proven in the multiple pictures of their event.

It was later revealed that Koloway was supposed to attend this initial event meaning that the army would have ranked sizes of ten. So close, hovering onto the edge of double digits, the army now look at how they could have got ten. Loyal troop of the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force, Funky decided to call for a coup of Koloway asking for himself to take over as Warlord in his place.

2funky3 has been with the army since its inception and has the huge accomplishment of being able to claim truthfully that he has never ever missed an event. Recognising the dedication and commitment of 2funky3 in the army, the decision has been made in the last few minutes to install 2funky3 as the brand new warlord of the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force.

With Tylund, former Light Warriors Leader and former Water Vikings Leader sitting on the council, the leadership looks extremely strong. With one leader the current Second in Command of the Golden Guardians in Manu, an established team of seasoned veterans has formed. It does however seem that Koloway will no longer be involved in this team of veterans.

Upon entering the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force’s official discord server, I noticed that Koloway no longer had the yellow Warlord rank. I further noticed that the owners of the army were attempting to get in touch with Zing King To. They wanted to report to CP Army Media that huge dramatic events had unfolded.

It was revealed to us that Koloway had been couped from the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force. With this coup in mind, it appears from Koloway’s official statement on the matter that he feels the lack of publicity has led him to conclude that this is a cover up of massive proportions.

With Koloway now gone and the Legends Cup just round the corner, the team of Tylund, Manu, Sniper and 2funky3 will now have to continue to work hard in the good name of Uganda. With a Ugandan dream team here to answer the calls of a country, the skies appear to be the limit.

What do YOU think? Will the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force win the Legends Cup? Was the coup on Koloway a huge mistake?

Zing King To

CP Army Media Executive Producer


CP Army Media Vice President


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