[EDITORIAL] Light Troops: If it was Lighter, We Wouldn’t Need to See Those Awful Uniforms

ICEBOX, Light Troops Nation – The Light Troops of Club Penguin will forever go down as one of the greatest armies of all times. Striking fear in the hearts of many, and being so influential in how Club Penguin Armies run, Light Troops will always be remembered. One of the things they will also be remembered for, are those awful new uniforms that they wear.

Back in 2015, some of the most respected army veterans and leaders sat in an XAT chatroom to discuss the Top 30 Armies of All Time. The discussions went on for weeks before the ranking was established. It was decided that the Light Troops was worthy of being called the 8th Greatest Army of All Time, sitting comfortably inside the Top Ten.

I served in the Light Troops Army for a while, managing to obtain the rank of Second in Command as Tobercold and I decided to merge the Royale Penguins into the army. The army stood for justice, never bowing to what the higher powers in armies such as ACP said.

One of my favourite wars of all time in the community was that of the Light Troops vs. Dark Warriors. In the ultimate battle of Light and Dark, I stood firmly in support of the light and I was invested in the war so badly. Waterkid101 managed to maintain a stigma in the community, he was a revered leader who was very capable in his abilities.

The Light Troops have always known that to be the best, you need to look the part. While this has never been authenticated by any official body, the Light Troops uniform has widely been regarded as one of the strongest and most dominating ones available.

With countless yellow based armies being developed throughout our history, the Light Troops knew that in order to fulfil their goal of bringing ‘Glory to the Light’, they would have to come up with a uniform that would stand out. They needed a uniform that would separate them from the rest.

With the instant classic of the Golden Viking helmet, and the Shield with the Firefighter Jacket – the Light Troops had a legendary uniform.

With that legendary uniform planted firmly in my cortex and mind, you can imagine the shock and horror that I felt upon being sent the above picture. While trying to watch Ayan, Kingfunks4, Max and Pookie learn how to put numbers into a spreadsheet, I was sent this picture of the brand new Light Troops uniform.

A few years ago, it was largely debated whether continuing Club Penguin Armies on CPPS would kill army legacies, or make armies fall down the ranks in the Top Armies of all Time debate. With that being said, the Light Troops uniform certainly seems to be something that has downgraded and devolved over time.

For any of you with any health issues, or risk of increased blood pressure or heart attacks please look away now. I am about to enlarge the image of the Light Troops uniform.

Once I stopped projectile vomiting, I began to look further into this disgusting looking penguin. Firstly, the modal in the photo sports a Miners helmet, allowing him to dig on Club Penguin. The issue with this however, is that when a penguin wears clothes, the powers of the Miners hat does not work. Replacing the beautiful Vikings helmet with the Miners helmet has proven to be an exercise in unnecessary behaviour.

A plain and generic crop top T-Shirt is next, not even yellow, orange in colour. The orange ill fitting T-Shirt has a star logo on, a logo that has absolutely nothing to do with any generation of the Light Troops Army. Still able to see a little bit of skin under the shirt, It seems apparent that whoever designed this army did so in the hopes of being quite flirtatious. This isn’t Tinder, Light Troops!

We then move onto the failed attempt to appear gangster with the red balaclava neck item. Seemingly an attempt to appear gangster, the orange star T-shirt matched with the balaclava falls short of this.

Despite being so generic that all CP Army players can use the uniform, yes – I know the reason for the bastardisation of the uniform, it is just so ugly that it has to be commented upon as a stain on the Light Troops history and life. I ask you, would the Light Troops have racked up the support and status they have if this had always been their uniform? No. They wouldn’t.

What do YOU think? Where you physically sick upon seeing the Uniform for the first time? Or did you have medication on hand to dull it out from your mind?

Zing King To

CP Army Media Executive Producer


7 Responses

  1. I am a light troop member and I love the uniform that is what got me to join LIGHT TROOPS FOREVER


  2. Unironically I had to double take when I saw that new uniform for the first time a few weeks back. It’s vile lmao


  3. theyre doing their best smh im sure they wouldve picked a better outfit if they could


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