Emma & Phoebe Inducted Into All-Female People’s Imperial Confederation Leadership

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters ─ The People’s Imperial Confederation have inducted two new leaders into their all-female Commander-in-Chief ranks: Emma and Phoebe.

In what we believe to be a Club Penguin army first, a top ten army is under the leadership of three females. This comes after former leader Manu deflected to the Golden Guardians, and solo leader Sidie9 decided she needed new leaders to manage the USA division.

The army’s most recent event occurred on May 10th when the CP Army: The Game server Below Zero was successfully invaded. With a peak size of 11, as well as strong tactics and formations, the Confederation fought off a raid by the Recon Federation and Pizza Federation. Newly promoted Commander Emma commented on the event in the website results post:

The server is ours! We maxed 11 troops at the invasion. Our troops performed tactics wonderfully despite being raided by RFCP and PZF. However, the Confederation has yet again left our mark on the Club Penguin Community. Excellent work Comrades!

May 10th: PIC vs. RFCP and PZF

These raids have been occurring at every event the Confederation undertake: training’s, invasions, fun events and even recruitment. Leader Prior Bumble exclusively told CP Army Media that the reason behind the raids was due to “monumental personal betrayals while they were in his army”.

CP Army Media spoke to Emma and Phoebe following their promotions, and they revealed their plans for the army:

Emma: I want to continue to grow PIC with my fellow leaders. We have created a fun and familial environment in our army. That’s what’s most important to me, the happiness and enjoyment of the troops.

Phoebe: My plans for PIC as it’s newest leader is to get us higher in the Top Ten and for us to have more events we can enjoy. I want my troops to feel like that is their home and they can feel safe saying whatever. I’d like for us to able to enjoy fun events or recruitments and have fun! I just want all of us to be happy. Right now, that’s my priority

After placing 10th on the CP Army Media exclusive Top Ten (click here to read), the People’s Imperial Confederation are set for a new direction upon the promotion of Emma and Phoebe. Will their addition to the leadership allow the army to grow? And can the Confederation fight off their opponents

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Editor-in-Chief


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  1. We know that females are, on average, more creative where it counts the most, so I’m confident that we’ll prevail in the face of adversity. Congratulations again, friends!


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