Marines Shut Down; Effectively Merging Into Golden Guardians

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – The Marines of Club Penguin Online have suddenly shut down, removing themselves from the CPO Army League and effectively merging into the Golden Guardians.

The Marines Army were revived just two months ago, in March 2020, but this week they followed in the path of the Titanic when they closed down and ceased operations. Under the leadership of Fishy, Cliff, Buddy and Zarpa, the army were consistently achieving sizes of 25-30 at their events at their height.

The Marines at their height.

In a website post on May 8th (click here to read), Buddy announced that the army was to be no more, marking the end of a 1-month stint:

The Marines are hereby shut down effective immediately until further notice by the PoG. Nobody is to revive the Marines without the permission of Sidie and myself. A very special thanks to Cliff, Zarpa & Fish who have been incredible leaders and have done amazing things for the army in this past generation. Your efforts will not go unnoticed!

Their last event before shutdown was a successful practice battle against the Golds, at which they maxed a size of 35 penguins. However, this success was not to last as Buddy departed on May 4th, and inactivity caused a complete shutdown on May 8th.


May 2020: Marines battle the Golds Army

With the Marines in the dark depths of the ocean, the army unofficially into the Golden Guardians. Still under the leadership of Buddy, the Guardians have had a successful first week, consistently peaking at sizes of 30. Their most recent event was an invasion of Frostbite on May 9th, in which they averaged 30 throughout.

unknown (12)

The Golden Guardians invade Frostbite.

With yet another army dropping off the CPO Army League, the real question is: who will be next to follow? And how will the Golden Guardians do under Buddy’s leadership? Will their success’ continue, or could they sink after their initial hype dies down?

What do YOU think about the Marines shutdown? Let us know in the comment section below!


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  1. Good stuff Henry!!


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