Brother Armies ACP and Chaos Square Off in Practice Battle

PERMAFROST, Chaos Territory – In a flurry of clovers and chaos, the army community saw brother allies ACP and Chaos take opposing sides of the battlefield on May 12th, 2020. Want to know how this all went down? Want to know which army walked away with the victory? Read more and find out!

Coming as a surprise to no one, the Army of Club Penguin and Chaos have been close allies since the ending of World War Rewritten. These two armies have a history of being friendly to each other in past generations, and watching the two battle together is like watching history repeat itself.

Starting off at the Iceberg, both armies quickly bombed into their formations. ACP did not stand still for long, however, quickly bombing and wiping around. Noticing the discrepancy between their tactics and ACP’s tactics, Chaos quickly began to match with an equal amount of movement, creating an entertaining

The ACP’s tactics continued into the next room, the Underground Pool, with Chaos starting to match in size. Both armies fought hard in this room, both with seemingly the same mindsets, and exchanged jokes about their armies’ histories.

With the third and final room, the Ski Lodge, it was apparent that these two armies are not enemies and are indeed allies. ACP took to complimenting the Chaos army, and troops of the green army sent postcards to members of Chaos.

Both armies fought valiantly, but only one could win. Congratulations to the WINNER of all three rooms:

Army of Club Penguin!

What was YOUR opinion on this battle? Who should have won? What other battles should CPAM cover? Comment below and let us know!


3 Responses

  1. Must be amazing to have a brother ally. Feels like one gets much better off with them then. The battle pics looks amazing as well and also that you guys had ski lodge as one of the rooms. Awesome!


  2. It was an awesome battle and ACP has a lot of love and respect for Chaos!


  3. This was a super fun battle! Both of us fought valiantly!


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