Summer 2020 @ CP Army Media

KLONDIKE, Staff Desk — With Summer just around the corner, we are extremely proud to unveil our exciting upcoming plans for the community. Corona has impacted the world so heavily and we head into it mostly indoors. Our goal at CP Army Media is to make this Summer something to look forward to. We’ll get busy planning, so sit back and read up!

The Legends Cup will be returning for its Tenth Anniversary. Traditionally held in the Summer, the Legends Cup will see the biggest armies clash in an attempt to emerge as victors. Winning the Legends Cup is a major feat and a defining moment in the history of any army. By being able to secure a Legends Cup victory, one army will cement their spot at the top of the totem pole. Having won the previous two Legends Cups, can the Rebel Penguin Federation make this their third victory and take home the most prestigious prize of the Summer yet again?

2017: Nachos beat the Light Troops in the Legends Cup Finals

Never one to shy away from fun and games, CP Army Media will be hosting their very first Sun Hunt. A total of 12 Suns with random numbers on them will be carefully hidden across the website, with the first three people to give the correct numbers receiving prizes. Who will be one of the few able to secure all 12 suns and receive a “lit” prize?

On June 15th, we aim to bring the community together to celebrate the first birthday of our beloved game, CP Army: The Game, with which CPAM is partnered. Manager and Developer, Superhero123, has plans for an exciting special event, soon to be revealed in full.
Expect plenty of custom items, rooms, and even a party hat to celebrate this milestone!


Well, we can’t let the festivities end there! The CPATG Anniversary will be followed up by an after party, a celebration where we’ll see who’s best dressed and who has the better moves on the dance floor. Make sure to prepare formal wear and you might want to ask someone to go with you! Further details will be released closer to the Anniversary.

To celebrate the successes of the Small/Medium Army Community, we will be hosting the first annual Challengers Cup with the armies placing in the S/M Top Ten invited to take part. Winning this tournament will definitely set one army above the rest and boost them straight to the top. With the rise of multiple new “Challengers” in the community, who will make it out of this heated tournament with the victory and the inaugural Challengers Cup?

The End of Summer Awards will mark the end of this exciting season, with armies and members of the community able to win based on their accomplishments over the Summer period. The main awards up for grabs include:

  • Most Achieved
  • Best Leader
  • Best Higher Command
  • Biggest Army
  • Biggest Rise
  • Best S/M Army Leader
  • Best Graphics Designer
  • Top Reporter
  • Biggest Retirement
  • Most Controversial Moment
  • Biggest Savage



That concludes just a small selection of the exciting plans CP Army Media has planned for the community over the course of this Summer. Descriptive posts about events in detail will be released very soon! Let’s make this a Summer to remember!

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comment section below!


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  1. A summer to look forward to! This is gonna be fun!


  2. Looks great. You’re really starting doing your best there. Good luck in preparing that!


  3. Looking forward to the Summer!




  5. Woah, this warm season will, indeed, an inviting and well-rounded few months for sure! Congrats on a great plan of attack already!


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