The Club Penguin Army Bulletin

The 1st Edition


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Random Facts
  • Current News
  • Upcoming CPAM Events
  • Weekly Story
  • Talking with Troops
  • Song of the Week
  • Conclusion



Klondike, Shad’s OfficeWelcome to the First Edition of The Club Penguin Army Bulletin! This is an exciting article that I, Shad, started long ago, formerly known as The Shad Bulletin! In this edition, you will find random factscurrent news, and upcoming events in CPAM. After that, I will introduce the world to my weekly stories! Next, we’ll talk to a random troop and finish off with the song of the week! Without further ado, let’s begin with with random facts of the week!


Random Facts

  • DID YOU KNOW… Three presidents, all Founding Fathers – John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe – died on July 4. Presidents Adams and Jefferson also died the same year, 1826. President Monroe died in 1831.
  • DID YOU KNOW… Experiments in universities have actually been carried out to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. Both with machine and human licks. The results ranged from 252 to 411. This is very important scientific knowledge!
  • DID YOU KNOW… Wombats are the only animal whose poop is cube-shaped. This is due to how its intestines form the feces. The animals then stack the cubes to mark their territory.
  • DID YOU KNOW… Polar bears have black skin. In addition, their fur isn’t white – it’s see through, so it appears white as it reflects light.
  • DID YOU KNOW… German chocolate cake doesn’t come from Germany. It was named for a person, Sam German, who created a type of baking chocolate for Baker’s in 1852.

Current News

12 armies have been either revived, created, or switched over from CPOAL to CPAM since last Sunday. With the corona virus outbreak, we have more veterans and troops coming on to see this new, wonderful side of Club Penguin Armies. Veterans who are nostalgic want to give armies another go and there are new members discovering armies all the time, even creating their own. However, the possibility of a CPO shut down is hovering over it all, potentially contributing to our community grow. What other armies are going to join CPAM? What does the future look like for CPOAL?


CHAOS Army revived in the midst of this virus outbreak and looks to make a statement. This is an army that was well known in the Club Penguin Army community a few years ago and wants to be known once again. They just revamped their website, definitely making some moves to set themselves a part. One of their leaders, Zero, is a Small Medium Army Legend and is an experienced leader. Zero looks to make this last run in the community strong and with the rest of their experienced leadership, Owl and Orange, they may just make this run Legendary. What impact will CHAOS make? Will they rise to the top?


CPAC 5 was recently outted by Ayan, Emcee and other administrative staff, resulting in their removal from CPAM. Since this, it looks like the CPAC 5 are possibly looking into creating a new website. The following opinion is my own and do not represent the views of the CPAM administration. My thoughts, as a member of the community, on this are that these older vets, just returning to a community, need to take a step back and pass the torch to the new generation of armies. We need to keep this current community strong and keep it together. We don’t need it split even more, nor do we need yet another website. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of going from one website to another. Let’s all stick to one website and make it this one. This community already has potential and we all need to give it our all. With that said, will the CPAC 5 create a new website? Will the community split once again?

Upcoming CPAM Events

  • Lethal Lockdown – May 16th
  • Summer @ CPAM – TBD
  • CPATG 1 Year Anniversary – June 15th
  • Premier of Warzone Radio – TBD


Weekly Story

This isn’t an exact replica of history, but rather mostly made up.

Chapter 1: New Club Penguin Order

It was a dark stormy day as I was escaping the Dark Warriors Empire after being spotted. I have been spying upon them to see what they were up to and I noticed that they were reforming an alliance known as the Black Alliance. As I run through the storm I finally get signal and radio over to Jerry to have someone come pick me up as I discovered important information. As I get to an opening in the forest I hear the chopper starting to land and I see Skrillex yelling at me to hurry up. So I then run over and hop into the chopper and we take off.

Golden Troops HQ

“Jerry! I have found some information that we all need to discuss with the rest of the leadership. We all need to get to the War Room NOW!” I say as I rush towards my office to grab some papers. “Alright, I will inform the rest of them and we will all be there in two.” Jerry responds calmly as he rushes towards Tapdancer’s office. I walk towards the War Room to begin the planning process. I look up and see the rest of them walking into the War Room. “Welcome back, Shad,” Tapdancer says as he sits down. “So, what do you have for us?” Jerry says as he sits down at the end of the table where he always sits. “I have unveiled that Dark Warriors are currently finding Allies and reforming the Black Alliance. Obviously, they already got Ice Warriors on their side. We can’t be having them take over the world once again,” I say, looking around the room livid. “So, I suggest talking with our allies and forming The New Club Penguin Order,” I say with a smirk on my face. “It’s time to put a stop to this permanently.”

“I agree,” Jerry says standing up. “We can’t just let DW do what they want again. Knowing them, they will probably team up with LT and Pirates again. With that said, do you know if they have been in talks with Waterkid100?” he asks me with a bit of sternness in his voice. “That is unclear at the moment, but I do have a couple spies implanted within their army,” I respond. “When I hear more, I will let you all know. For now, what I know I can do is start negotiating with Army Republic as well as Shadow Troops. I will need you all to negotiate with the others if possible,” I say as I start grabbing my papers off the table. “Sounds like a plan,” Jerry responds. “Tapdancer, can you talk with Vikings? I am going to start preparing the troops.” “Yup, I am already on it,” he says walking out the door. “I will go with you to start the training as well,” Ganger says, standing up. “I will start writing up plans and strategies,” Riotors adds.

Army Republic HQ

I pull up to the Army Republic Head Quarters with my right hand man, Skrillex, when he asks me, “Are you sure we want them with us?” “Yes, I am on good terms with them and so is Golden Troops in general,” I respond as I get out of the vehicle. “Alliances are not about being the best of friends, but rather about having the same goal in mind which is ending the Dark Warriors Empire.” We then get up to the entrance when I see the guards. “What’s going on, good buddy? We are here for the meeting with Burritodaily and Vinny.” “Ah yes, they have been expecting you. Come on in,” they say as they open up the door. We then walk in and they escort us to the briefing room. We then walk in and Burr greets me, “Welcome back into our Head Quarters, Shad.” “Thanks bud, glad to see that you are doing well!” I say, shaking his hand. “How are you doin’, Vinny?” I say as I look over at him and shake his hand as well. “Doin’ alright! I see that you were recently promoted over at Golden Troops! Moving up in this world, I see. So, what brings you in here today?” Vinny asks as he walks over to his chair. “Well…” I then sit down in a chair at the end of the table while Skrillex sits down to my right.

“I have unveiled that Dark Warriors are currently rebuilding the Black Alliance which means they are planning on doing something big to cause trouble. We all know that when the Black Alliance forms… Who is it usually at the head of the alliance?” I ask. They both have the same look on their face as Burr and Vinny look at each other then back at me with the same response. “Waterkid100.” I nod in agreement. “Exactly, I already found out that they have IW on their side currently, as well as, I am assuming, Light Troops and Pirates. With that said, I am hoping that we can form a new alliance called, New Club Penguin Order. It’s time to put a stop to all of them as well as Waterkid100.” “You know what? We are in. We have been scheduling invasions on the Pirates already as it is so lets do it.” “Good, I already have a couple spies from GT and, well, some other “friends” of mine implanted within DW and IW ranks. Other than that, I will be in contact with you in a couple of days to have a full on meeting with all the army leaders in NCPO.” “Sounds like a plan,” Burr says, as he stands up. “We will stay in contact and start planning,” Vinny says, standing up as well. “If you need anything, just let us know,” I respond with as I shake their hands. “Alright, let’s go Skrill,” I say, walking out the door.

Golden Troops HQ

As I walk back into the GTHQ, Jerry runs up to me. “We have some horrible news! Our website has been breached and defaced!” Jerry says, worried. “Wenny was the one that first noticed it.” “Ok, do we have any clues to whom it could be?” I asked calmly, as we walk towards our web team. “Right now, we are suspecting someone from the BA.” Jerry answers, walking over to Wenny who is at his desk at the back of the room where the Web Team works. “Yo Wenny, has there been any other clues?” I ask Wenny, looking into his eyes. “Not exactly, I have looked in multiple different areas,” he responds. “Alright, let me make a call to someone,” I say, walking towards my office. “Meet back in the war room in 30.”

30 minutes later, I walk into the War Room. “Alright, I called one of my guys and it turns out that they tracked it down. We have found out that the perpetrator was indeed Waterkid100. Apparently, he ordered one of his guys, Max, to deface the website.” “I knew it,” Jerry says disgruntled. “Welp, this is an act of war for sure,” Tapdancer replies. “We need to do something about this,” says Wenny. “Then, it’s time to get the last of the Alliance together,” says Riotors as he walks in with the leaders of AR, Vikings, Shadow Troops, and SWAT. I then look around the room as all the leaders take a seat around the table. I then look up at Ganger90. “What do you say, bud?” Ganger stands up and crosses his arms and says, “It’s time to Unleash Hell.”

Read Next Week for Chapter 2


Talking with Troops

Each week, I will be interviewing a random troop to get their opinion on different topics.

This week: Flypin!



[Interview was only edited for grammar, not content.]

Hey, Flypin, I just wanted to interview you for the Club Penguin Army Bulletin’s section, “Talking with Troops.”


How long have you been in Club Penguin Armies?

Not too long. I joined around January 2019, so that’s around a year and four-ish months. I was never around in CP Armies unfortunately.

That’s cool. So, what army or armies have you been in since you joined? 

Well, I first discovered armies through the Pirates of CPO, though I didn’t like the environment, and I left shortly after. From there, I joined the Ninjas of CPO, and eventually rose to leading the army, however we shut that down. After that, I helped revive the Shadow Troops on CPO, but they got banned from CPO and I chose to join the Help Force on CPO instead. Since then, I’ve been in the Help Force and I eventually got to be a mod there in September 2019.

That’s pretty cool. Yeah, that seems like a lot for one year. So, who would you say you would look up to as a leader and has impacted you the most as an individual within the CPA Community?

There’s so many amazing people, but I am going to have to go with Moon [HF Leader].

That’s nice! What made you join Help Force?

Mostly just a large number of friends… Everyone has a place where they get along with the people there better, and I think mine is Help Force. I’m really happy with the army.

What makes HF different from any other Army?

I think it’s really just the troops and environment. Maybe I get along with them better than others but I really feel like the people in HF are the best in the world. They’re always friendly, active, and it’s a pleasure to be around them. There’s no place I’d rather be.

Do you have any plans or goals that you have for the future within CPA?

Nothing specific. I’ve always known that CPA is deeper than I’ll ever know, because I was pretty late to the party. I’m just hoping to keep learning more about army history.

What have you learned so far while being in CPA that would help you in real life?

If anything, it’s what sort of attitude to have when you’re trying to be a leader. That and balancing time.

As we wrap up this interview, any last words you would like to say?

Yeah! Quick message of positivity to anyone out there: Regardless of army or game or anything else, you’re really awesome. Keep being yourself. Things will turn out alright!

Thank you for your time and keep working up the ranks!


Song of the Week



Thank you for reading this week’s issue and debut of The Club Penguin Army Bulletin! What did you think about this week’s edition of CPAB? What is your favorite section? Do you want to see more facts? What’s going to happen in next week’s story? Who will I be talking to next week? Will it be you? What did you think about the song of the week? I want to hear from YOU! Please sound off in the comments below and let us know what YOU think about this article!


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  1. Needs more crosswords


  2. Well written, Shad! No need to change formula of it. Keep it up!


  3. I really like this type of post. Hope we get to see more interviews


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