Disney Issues CPPS Shutdown Notice; What Does the Future Hold?

UPDATE: Club Penguin Online has announced it’s closure, a full report is coming shortly.

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – There has been a significant amount of controversy in the CPPS world as of late, which in turn has caused a lot of negative attention for the community. The latest allegedly involves Disney ordering the DMCA strike-down of all Club Penguin Private Servers. 

The news of Disney’s latest action became apparent when a popular Spanish CPPS, by the name of Super Club Penguin, released a statement on their Twitter profile. 

Tweet from Super Club Penguin

Translated from Spanish, the tweet reads: “We have been notified by Disney Interactive to remove our website, so it is important that you know the following.” The statement says that Super Club Penguin received an email from Disney ordering the immediate termination of their website. According to them, Disney also informed other CPPS’, including: Club Penguin Brasil, Free Penguin and even Club Penguin Rewritten. 

Super Club Penguin states that they plan to remain open until further notice, and that they are waiting for their host or VPS providers to contact them before taking any action. While we haven’t yet heard any other private servers discuss this, if this is true, Disney does legally have every right to do so as it is their property. 

With the CPPS community stunned and fearful of their favourite games shutting down, many began to panic. It wasn’t long before Club Penguin Rewritten moderator, Halopona, responded to the panic with several tweets. The first states that CP Rewritten has “no concerns of closure, and the second that they are “not planning on shutting down at this time”. 

Statement from Club Penguin Rewritten moderator Halo.

Follow-up to CPR mod Halo’s statement.

This response from Disney is undoubtedly due to the vast press coverage on CP Online in recent times, yet it seems this drama could also be affecting other private servers too. Will Disney be able to successfully shut down all the remaining traces of Club Penguin? Will the CPPS community somehow find a way out of this? Or will we have to say goodbye to Club Penguin as a whole very soon? In this uncertain and worrying time, one thing is for sure: CP Army Media will continue to cover this story and bring you the latest updates.

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5 Responses

  1. Good post, gives a good view of what’s known as of right now.


  2. I don’t think this is the end for CPR. But if it is, luckily the CPA community has CPATG to fall back on.


  3. First, they killed original CP. Later, they killed CP Island. Now, they want to shut fanbases down.
    Pathethic way they seem to follow.


  4. Great post! Omg I hope all or atleast some CPPS’s will stay open… We shouldn’t need to shut down


  5. […] Disney Issues CPPS Shutdown Notice; What Does the Future Hold? […]


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