[EDITORIAL] Recon Federation: An Inside View Of The Hidden Regime

Frostbite, Jack’s House – All proper nations exist through proper concealment of their affairs. This mentality has certainly been taken to an extreme by one army, Recon Federation. In recent weeks the rogue army has been likened to that of North Korea; a lightless and hopeless entity. It certainly seems an accurate comparison – the army has worked tirelessly to keep so-called intruders out of their ranks. I believe that all nations are entitled to privacy; yet no nation is free from scrutiny. It is on this principle that I wish to scrutinize the affairs of Recon Federation give the community insight into what occurs behind the iron curtains which have concealed their activity from us for so long.

Note: This article is an investigation which has been carried out by an independent writer. This does not necessarily represent the opinions of any media website wherein is is published. This investigation certainly yielded unexpected and perhaps vile results. As such, I deem it important to note that this article includes topics which some readers may find offensive or inappropriate. Reader discretion is advised.

It was only a few days ago when I made my return to this community. I hadn’t expected to take up such an interest in a particular case. I was seen by many as a reputable member of the community who was neutral in mind and effective in execution. As such, several informants contacted me along with other prominent members of the community to complete an investigation into this army. Many of these members were scared of the ramifications of speaking out against such an army as Recon Federation. I hold no such fears, perhaps out of my knowledge of security and other affairs which would make such a prospect as being doxed or hacked nothing more than a blank threat to me. It was with such a mindset I began my initial research on the army and first encountered the name of the army’s dictator, Prior Bumble.

I am never taken aback by any such dictator, in fact it is rather the troops who hold the merit in my eyes. Nonetheless, it is without question that Prior Bumble is a dictator, in fact, the army itself regularly promotes the idea of Prior Bumble as a legendary figure within the community who has supposedly been serving since 2008. I think it also necessary to note that the following screenshots stem from posts which are shown to all new recruits. There is certainly an element of propaganda in this whereby the army promotes an image of Prior Bumble as the rightful and most powerful leader. This notion is idealistic, and whilst I don’t wish to discredit any claims of past accomplishments or even diminish their image without just reason: I, myself, along with several other prominent members cannot recount any such achievements from one Prior Bumble before this new era of CPPS armies.

The above screenshot originates from the RFCP Discord. A private area accessible only to members of the army, a task which originally I deemed to be trivial in nature, yet was surprised by the complexities of their recruitment system. In fact, one could assume that I had failed to access their chats, and instead opted for the route of locating informants who were willing to talk. This task was also difficult, as doing so without alerting Prior Bumble was a near impossible task. Thankfully, and perhaps for the betterment of this community, I succeeded in doing so and was given access to several screenshots illustrating behaviour which one would deem below the acceptable standard of our community. The following is a quote from one such informant I spoke to, who explained in greater detail, the intricacies of such a recruitment system and how they were brought in.

I walked into the EPF command room one day and there were two purple penguins sat at the table there. I was alone with them and immediately they called me by name. I sat next to them while they introduced themselves as the Recon Federation (RFCP) and they invited me to participate in their parties and games on discord. I joined up and was brought to a portal server. After this I spoke with them and was added to a new server. Then I was forced to swear my allegiance, an action which RFCP would later hold against me as proof that I owed them my services. From there on I was given a buddy who explained everything about the army to me and would become extremely upset if I missed an event or didn’t log on to the point that it was becoming very stressful for me to remain a part of the army.

The above quote details the severe nature of the army’s recruitment tactics. I don’t wish to assume all hearsay to be true, yet it certainly does paint a bleak picture of the secretive army which perhaps may contribute to the theory of abuse which may be taking place behind the scenes. Nonetheless, there have been countless allegations made against this army in recent weeks and we wish to challenge some of these allegations moving forward and perhaps achieve a greater understanding.

The above screenshot details the rules of Recon Federation. These rules perfectly illustrate the dictatorship in its more purest form. As the first rule states, the authority rests with the highest rank present. Naturally, since Prior Bumble is the ultimate leader of the army, they possess full control. The second rule states the manner in which Prior Bumble should be referred to. These, however, are the more moderate of the rules. The more extreme rules are named Prior’s Policies and are used to enforce the dictatorship across the army. These can be found in the following screenshot.

Censorship within the regime is problematic at best. Users of the army have long been silent in their actions and unwillingness to communicate with the wider community. This has always been odd. Perhaps one of the reasons will be the following warning given to all users, forbidding them from visiting the CPAM server or engaging with other members. This is proof that the regime looks to hide the truth about their army from even their own troops as they fear a mass exodus upon troops discovering the true nature of their army.

Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Perhaps the most disturbing allegations made against the army are those concerning sexual misconduct by both leaders and troops. The army itself is very secret, and as such, any allegations of this tone could easily be swept under the rug. In fact, this is the first thing which we noticed upon being given access to the chat. It was clear to us that the chat had been wiped and recreated at some point for unknown reasons. We found the below screenshot which perhaps gives some insight into the events which had occurred and left the leadership in a position wherein they deemed it necessary to wipe the chat.

After this confession by Prior Bumble of being a sexual person, we decided to investigate the allegations of masturbation contests which were supposedly being held within the army. Naturally, most of the community found such accusations to be unfounded and ridiculous. We too expected to find little more than jocular comments regarding the nature of such allegations. Instead, we received the screenshot below.

The confession is clear that a masturbation competition did, in fact, take place. Perhaps this could be seen as a joke, whereby no images are exchanged and although disgusting in nature it is nothing criminal. We decided to investigate these claims further and to our disappointment, the following image was found which further detailed the information regarding the contest and how the leader had attempted to prevent all discussions regarding it.

From the above image it is clear that a contest did in fact take place with cabin. The user thankfully denounces the competition and even questions how such a contest could ever be explained the his grandchildren. Despite this, it is clear that Prior Bumble was not pleased with discussion relating to said competition and in fact felt no remorse nor regret for executing such a despicable contest. Instead, Prior Bumble states that it is natural and wonderful. Upon being reminded that some users are between 12 and 16 (and from our investigation, some are certainly under the age of 12), Prior Bumble agrees to take the conversation to the NSFW chat, eventually.

In fact, as one can clearly see, masturbation seems to be a topic which the leader boasts about. Please keep in mind that upon further investigation, Arne appears to be under the age of 12. Perhaps he is a little older, although he is certainly not over 18 and should not be subject to such discussions. His reaction certainly illustrates the horrors which some RFCP troops have to go through. The leader boasts the act of masturbating on the Stonehenge monument as if public onanism were something to be proud of. Despite the lazy effort at concealing the word cummed from troops, I assure you that this has been a recurring topic mentioned by several powerful figures within the army as part of some odd form of propaganda. Prior Bumble consistently mentions it, and most of the time refuses to even attempt to conceal it from underage troops.

Not only does Prior Bumble boast about masturbation, but even stops during events to masturbate. I personally find it disgusting that someone would be in such a mood as to feel it necessary to masturbate whilst engaging in a game designed for children, and leading an army consisting primarily of children. The need for one to masturbate like this is certainly worrying and could perhaps lead us to assume that there are elements of behind-the-scenes abuse taking place between Prior Bumble and other troops. Not only this, but the fact that the troops encourage and wish the leader successful in self-gratification, certainly shows the sheer amount of mental conditioning which has taken place within the army whereby these troops are willing to serve their leader; in every aspect of the leader’s life.

Several allegations have further been made that Prior Bumble has been engaging in sexual activity with RFCP troops. The above screenshot is certainly confusing and disgusting in nature, particularly when it is being shared with RFCP troops of all ages. Perhaps the next screenshot will instead offer us some more insight into the sexual nature of the leader’s relationships with their troops and it certainly seems commonplace for troops within the army to offer Prior Bumble compliments of a sexual nature.

Yet as far as sexual innuendo goes, this is not all. There are far too many examples for inclusion within this article and even more that we are not able to go through. The chat logs are vast, and it is certainly not only Prior Bumble engaging in this disgusting tone of discussion. The abuse has been seen from several other powerful figures within the army. Often those troops who stand up to Prior Bumble are removed from the army as perfectly illustrated below.

Although this is all very confusing and perhaps a little vile, I will leave you with one last screenshot which illustrates the perverted nature of Prior Bumble’s mind, and probably contributes as proof of the sexual misconduct taking place within the walls of this secretive army. I like jokes, I like to mess around, but speaking like this in front of troops passes a line, and in my opinion is an unforgivable action which holds no place in our community.

Cult Allegations

Several allegations have also been made that Recon Federation conducts itself in a similar fashion to that of a cult. We decided to also explore this and discovered that members of the army are often told to recite specific vocabular which contributes to the propagandist objectives of the sickly regime. Below you will see an example of such phrases, which is certainly inappropriate in tone, and keep in mind that many of the users reciting such phrases are underage. There are furthermore several examples of this, and in fact an entire chat dedicated to copy and pasting phrases. This wouldn’t be problematic, if the phrases were all appropriate. Some of them, like the one feature below, are beyond the realm of acceptability.

There are also several examples of dictatorship which have previously been mentioned. However, there are many examples of monologues written by Prior Bumble wherein a story is written and troops are forced to listen and applaud. Below is another inappropriate example.

And still, despite all of this, Prior Bumble’s troops remain loyal and adamant that they wish to please their leader in every which way possible. It might be in jest, it may not be something which should be taken serious, yet this type of behaviour is not acceptable in our community, and certainly falls below our line of acceptable standards.

Naturally, you would expect such comments as the one above to deter users from wanting to remain a part of the army. Yet, it remains evident that Prior Bumble wishes to desensitize all users with regards to sexual innuendo. One might, under a shade of different light yet certainly with similar concern, liken such an action to that of grooming. Yet, again, we must give the benefit of doubt and not necessarily point the finger based on circumstantial evidence. Perhaps the next screenshot may give us a little more inside into the topic of sexual grooming in the army and what role this may play in the “cult-like” status of the Recon Federation of CP.

Certainly when Prior Bumble speaks of themselves in the third person, it portrays them in a more powerful light. In some ways, it perhaps justifies the tone of conversation as being one which is right and just. Of course, we all know you shouldn’t talk about sex around underage troops, yet Prior Bumble seems happy to begin a specific narrative wherein people react with something similar to “oh, well that’s just prior!”, and creates a likeable aspect to an otherwise filthy and criminal character.

Yet it would be unfair to say that Prior is the only character. I don’t wish to negatively portray anyone who might have an ounce of dignity or innocence in their tone. Several powerful members of the army discussed similar topics yet not in such an excessive nature whereby it would be considered out of the ordinary or problematic. However, one Jamal was certainly on a similar level to Prior Bumble. Since they do not possess the same level of power within the army I felt it not necessary to include the plethora of screenshots of his comments, yet I will leave you with one such screenshot which perhaps offers an insight into it, and certainly contributes to the idea of RFCP as a cult.

Response From RFCP

The following is the transcript of my interview with Prior Bumble. It should be noted that I was not allowed to directly contact Prior, as was instead forced to do the interview using a second-in-command, Opino, as a proxy. I asked him the questions and he got the answer for me from Prior.

What is the reason for the strict protection of the RFCP chat from intruders? Do you feel that it has damaged your ability to successfully recruit troops and what limitations do you believe it has on the reach of your recruitment abilities?

To protect our troops from harmful users and alts and to provide a less enormous and less chaotic atmosphere for newcomers as we get to know them. The real server can be overwhelming so for that reason, I don’t think it’s limited our recruitment at all.

Some members of the community have criticised your army and have pointed at the lack of your troops in community discord servers as proof of a censoring regime. What is your response to this? Does such a policy exist, and if so what would be your reasoning behind blocking your troops from accessing servers such as the CPAM discord channel?

Why the fuck would we hold a contest about that shit?

The interview was subsequently terminated due to the prolonged wait in response. As you can see above, they have claimed that no such contest ever took place. Yet some of the screenshots previously shown have served as proof that such a contest did in fact take place. It should be noted that after the communication ceased, Prior Bumble left the following warning to all RFCP troops below, perhaps a valiant attempt at preventing troops from seeing the content of this article:


We wish to always provide RFCP with the benefit of doubt. Some of the evidence provided is certainly damning and provides some interesting insight into the allusive regime. My opinions are irrelevant now; the decision rests firmly within the grasp of your very cortex. Whatever the decision; we have provided you with the true nature of this army. A never-before-seen inside look at the hidden regime. We have uncovered the harsh and brutal truth of the regime and what has been happening behind the iron curtain. Whatever our conclusion would ever be holds no merit, but rather what you, as a community conclude. And on that note…

What do YOU think? Have you been disappointed by the true nature of the RFCP regime? Do you think their behaviour stooped below community expectations? We want to hear YOUR opinion. Comment it below!



CPAM Guest Author


CPAM Vice President


4 Responses



  2. “such as grooming” but thats literally what prior is doing since they are aware of children in their army. yes minors can explore their own sexuality and all but im assuming prior isnt another minor.


  3. Oh My God…
    I… have no words.
    Never read that schocking, creeping and dark article since I joined armies in November 2015.

    Jack, you did job on the godly-like level. That’s so far the best article I have ever read. It’s well-written, well made and hides nothing. Thank you for your efforts and sneaking into RFCP zone.

    Still… this is so damn scary… and I can’t believe, an army like that would ever exist. UMA compared to RFCP is chill-out army. Waterkid compared to Prior Bumble is like little unexperienced criminal compared to the biggest dictators of humanity.

    In conclusion, stay safe, penguins… and choose your army well.

    -Felix Raycher, ACP Captain, going dark.


  4. I have to live with the contest on my mind until I die and they show no remorse at all. That hurts me a lot.


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