Chaos Shutting Down?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters — Due to recent events regarding the closures of many CPPS’, a few armies worry about their future. With one of the most popular Private Server – CPO shutting down, one can only wonder if their favourite CPPS will stand. Due to this, an army that became known to the Army community back in 2012 known as Chaos, announced that they will be closing their doors on May 31st, 2020.

Although the army announced the sad news, it came with an announcement of a new and bright future.

“As many of you probably know, Disney has issued a Cease and Desist for all Club Penguin Private Servers. I have attached images at the bottom with statements from Club Penguin Online and Club Penguin Rewritten’s statement. While CPR claims that they will not be shutting down, we have made the decision to close Chaos as a Club Penguin Army, regardless of CPR’s statement on closure.

Going forward however, we will be focusing on being a full gaming community. I’ve run Minecraft servers before, and I know somebody who is hosting a conquest server with the Minecraft real world project. This is likely to be the primary feature, although we won’t be enforcing anything. You’re welcome to play with us, but otherwise, there are lots of games to play and the options are basically endless. As a Club Penguin Army, Chaos will be closing it’s doors officially on May 31st. We will have a couple of things planned for the last week, so we will be announcing that soon!”

Zero, Owl, Orange
Chaos Leaders

Chaos came back into the army community in April 2020. The army maxed 33 in its revival event, stepping into Club Penguin after 4 years! A CP Rewritten admin stated that CPR would not be shutting down and they will fight to stay alive. Being in the Top Five armies in the community consistently, why has the army decided to shut down?

CPAM got a chance to interview Orange, one of the leaders of Chaos regarding the situation. The following interview was edited purely for grammar purposes.

Why is Chaos closing its doors to the Army Community?

Chaos has always been defined by the friendships we have made over the past 8 years. We have been a community for so long and with the news of most CPPSes shutting down, we decided it’s best to move on from this game and instead focus on continuing and strengthening our community. This entire return was purely for the nostalgia and fun for all our old vets and as much fun as it has been, it’s now the perfect time to move on.

What is the army’s aim for the future?

Well our long term aim is to no longer have the term “army” associated with us, rather instead create a fun community for all of our friends to have a great time. Now, short-term we still have two weeks left before shutting down and we are going to do what we do best- cause some Chaos :wink:

Why a gaming community and not a hangout server?

Well we are primarily going to be a hangout server. The gaming portion is just to add to the many things we will do in order to continue this community.

If the CPPS Community survives, do you see Chaos joining back into the army community?

Definitely not, all of our veterans are older and we are ALL ready to finally move on from club penguin

On behalf of Chaos, is there anything you would like to say back to the community?

Csy is very smelly and he does not know what a bathtub is or how to spell it, love ya CSY :heart:

As you can see, it’s pretty evident that the Chaos Army wants to move away from Club Penguin and set up a gaming community in general. CP Army Media wishes the best to the group as well as the community itself to pave a way for a chaotic future.


What do YOU think about the shutdown announcement? Will Chaos be able to build a successful gaming community?
Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Reporter Trainee

2 Responses

  1. It’s very sad to see Chaos go, they were a great friend to ACP


  2. Interesting idea with gaming community. Might check it out. RPF’s RF doesn’t really fit me.


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