Golden Guardians Faces Off With PZF

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Army Media HQ — Amidst all the chaos, the Golden Guardians have recently declared war against the Pizza Federation.

In their official war declaration (Click Here) on their site, Golden Guardians, they have two current invasions scheduled: Sled and Abominable, both of which are PZF controlled servers on CPA:TG.

Golden Guardians’ present invasion schedule

In a brief interview with Pjayo, one of the Golden Commanders, he had this to say on the current situation:

Why did you declare war?

“Either Koloway or Pookie told me to declare war on someone to make today even crazier, so I gave the other leaders the option of PZF or Barbz and they chose PZF.”

What are your plans for the war?

“Smoke these foo’s, hittem w da dirty deeds baybeeee dean ambrose style.”

Thoughts on Hidcre?

“Smells bad and is a jobber lol”

Anything else you’d like to say?

“gg the goat simple as”

I also reached out to Hidcre, as he was directly mentioned in the war declaration for his thoughts:

What is your reaction to their declaration?

“I think it’s really unnecessary and unfair, literally they’re like a top 3 army going against a medium tt army, and the fact that their going for only ONE server when they can just ask us to cancel it, or they can invade another f***ing server”

What is PZF’s plan for the war?

“My plans are to recruit while CPR hopefully wont die; we may not win size wise but we can win tactic speed wise.”

Anything else you’d like to say regarding the current events of CPPSes and how it may impact the scope of the war?

“Tbh, it may only affect our recruiting. The war it won’t really hurt, but definitely PZF’s system of recruiting will get a big oof in the ass”

On top of all this, Pjayo released a statement reminding troops about their other ongoing conflict with Dark Banding:

“Remember: Don’t let this war distract you. We STILL have the invasion of Fjord and a battle with the Dark Bandits!”

What will come of the upcoming war? Who will prevail when the CPA community is thrown into such uncertainty?
Comment below what you think will happen!


2 Responses

  1. Wow, so now PZF must fight onto two fronts? Alone? Damn, they got placed under the wall.


  2. […] Guardians declared war on the Pizza Federation. We covered the article, which you can read about Here. Both armies logged into Sled for their first battle on Sunday. With the result being in favor of […]


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