Masterminds: Ultipenguinj

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ — Amidst the turmoil of shutdowns and strikes, we bring to you the second edition of the ‘Masterminds’!

This time, we have Ultipenguinj with us, who’s a veteran in Club Penguin Armies and is the current Rebel Commander. Without further ado, let’s dive into the career review of Ulti, and see what he has for the community!

Ultipenguinj (a.k.a Ulti) joined Club Penguin Armies in 2013. He joined the Nachos to start with his career in June 2013. Soon after having second thoughts, he switched to become a member of the Rebel Penguin Federation, which was at that time led by Elmikey. Ulti quickly climbed through the ranks in RPF. Due to his vibrant charisma and recruiting potential, he reached up to the Owner rank. Elmikey’s coup from the RPF resulted in Ulti getting the Rebel Commander, in the leadership of Mr Waffle 45. Soon, due to his personal schedules, he decided to retire from the army. Ulti returned to armies for the second time in 2015 alongside Nicwin, Starsvsblack2, and a few others to keep RPF from fully dying. He retired for the second time in 2015.

RPF under Ulti’s lead – 2013

For his third appearance, he came back to RPF in the Summer of 2019 and started with the Second In Command rank. It took only a couple of months for him to achieve the Commander rank. After breaking several records for the army, Ulti was inducted as a 2019 CPA Legend.

RPF 2020, under Ultipenguinj

Interview Section:

CP Army Media had the privilege to interview Ultipenguinj. Let’s hear it from the man himself!

Q: How does it feel to be the Commander of one of the biggest armies in the community? Any future plans?

It’s pretty wild, I never thought RPF would be hitting the sizes it currently is with me at Rebel Commander! The main goal right now is to keep making sure RPF will be in a good position in the long run, especially with all of the recent Disney strikes.

Q: If you had to choose one, which would be the best moment of your CPA Career?

The highlight of my CPA Career would probably be getting inducted as a CPA Legend literally earlier today. It’s pretty incredible and an absolute honor to share that title with some big names.

Q: What do you like doing outside of Club Penguin Armies? Any hobbies in specific?

I personally enjoy wasting my life away watching YouTube and playing video games. Writing is also a favorite.

Q: With the recent drama regarding CPO, and it’s shut down, what are your thoughts about the future of armies in general?

I think that in some form or another, armies will continue. The community will likely shrink and fragment across various games, and I’m not sure if we’ll ever have a mass of armies under one roof like we do currently in CPAM. The style will change to suit the game, whether it’s Minecraft or Box Critters or some HTML5 CPPS with redrawn assets. Despite all that, though, the need for these kinds of communities will always exist.


After leading the Rebel Penguin Federation three times, it’s evident that it requires a great mind to handle such a big community. Ultipenguinj, for all of his feats, was inducted as the CPA League’s Legend for 2019. There is no doubt, he’s a ‘Mastermind’, but the situation the community is facing right now, what would be the future of RPF under Ulti’s leadership?

What do YOU think about this edition of the Masterminds? 
Comment below and let us know what you think!

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  1. Interesting! RPF has really grown, under ulti’s leadership


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