RFCP Shuts Down After Prior Bumble Legend Status Meltdown?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – It’s been an eventful couple of weeks. In the midst of the chaotic changes, CPPS drama, and territory conflict, Legend inductions were revised and conducted. In an effort to make this process fair, CPA reformed their board and four legends were inducted – DMT, Koloway, Superhero123, and Ultipenguinj. With these inductions, of course, came disappointment from those not inducted. Almost immediately after this announcement, RFCP pulled out of CPAM. Speculation followed and the community theory implies that the absence of Prior’s name on the list led to the army’s decision to isolate.

Prior, earlier today, demanding that all troops pull out of all army related servers, including CPAM.

RFCP is known to be one of the most controversial armies in the community. Some army leaders have even gone as far as to demand that the army be banned from news coverage, the Top Ten, the league set up or a combination of all 3 for their actions. LGA and PIC, most notably, complained openly about harassment and offensive behavior by RFCP staff and troops as they raided the two smaller armies constantly. RFCP itself claimed LGA and PIC committed inappropriate and immoral transgressions. There was much discussion and malcontent over this situation, but through a combination of independent events and CPAM mediation, there seemed to be a resolution on the horizon. RFCP and PIC settled their differences and it looked as if LGA would be next to come to some sort of settlement. This ended abruptly this afternoon as Legend inductions were published.

Ten minutes after Legend confirmation, Prior made the above announcement and then swiftly proceeded to follow his own instructions along with all but one member of the staff in the server. Anonymous sources noted that shortly after, in an RFCP voice chat, Opino was said to claim that RFCP would no longer be an army, but a community instead. This was quickly denied as their 3ic, Shalissa, entered to reply that this was untrue. RFCP would be an army, but one that would not interact with the rest of the community in any way. All troops were told to leave all other army servers or face a ban, including ally servers. This attitude is consistent with Prior’s policy on loyalty – as he’s made it clear often in the past, you’re either with them or against them.

Prior makes it clear that all army servers are now off limits.

Sha clarifies RFCP’s current status as a community.

Since these events, an editorial was recently released discussing the recent atmosphere inside of RFCP. As the army isolates itself further, all posts on Prior’s blog have completely disappeared and bans were heavily distributed among lower ranks and visitors. Speculation in the community widely agrees that the only feasible reason for such sudden actions could be the Legend inductions. Prior was a prospective but controversial option for Legend, and it was clear that he was a front runner, yet he was not inducted with 5 votes against him and 3 in favor. CPAM reached out to Sha to confirm whether RFCP was pulling from the news site/league and potentially find out more but we received no response. Our source reported that it was clear RFCP had no intent to respond to anyone’s questions so we cannot confirm.

Sha instructs the army to stay silent concerning recent events.

Was this the right move? Was this really due to Legend induction results? What does the future hold for RFCP? Tell us what YOU think in the comments below!


3 Responses

  1. Little baby doesn’t get his legend status and throws a tantrum. How cute.


  2. RFCP now really seems to act and be like North Korea. Not worth commenting.


  3. gurb gurb gurb


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