Light Troops Shutdown: Glory to the Light?

ICEBOX, Light Troops HQ – After Club Penguin Online’s shutdown and CPRewritten’s impending demise, it has gotten much tougher for armies to recruit. This is especially true for all armies in CPOAL who have trouble getting back up on their feet.

Yesterday morning, Epic101 announced the immediate shut down of the Light Troops (which can be seen here). Epic brought back the Light Troops in early 2019 with the intention of creating another top competitor. Light Troops have had success in the last few weeks in the CPOAL top ten consistently breaking the top five. Under Ben’s new leadership Light Troops were maxing 65-75.

“As you all may know, Club Penguin Online, the leading Club Penguin Private Server, recently Shut Down as a result of Disney issuing DMCA’s to ALL Club Penguin Private Servers. As a knock on effect, I no longer want the Light Troops to continue on any other Private Server as it will simply taint the legacy that has been built up by legends such as Water, Rob, Ioioluk and myself.” -Epic101

With a sudden move to a different CPPS Light Troop’s sizes would have fallen greatly. Epic understood this decision instead to keep the legacy of the Light Troops rather than let it continue and grow weaker. This decision also boosted Pirates by getting all of LT’s troops to join.

Light Troop’s final event on CPO maxing 70-80

Epic101, in his post, stated that the intentions to bring back Light Troops were fulfilled. The army consistently maxed above 70 in all it’s CPPS generations and was a powerhouse, without any doubt.

Over our year and a half return on CPPS’ we achieved a lot. We dominated armies such as the Help Force & Templars and we had some good runs & golden ages. I would like to thank absolutely everyone that was a part of the Light Troops during it’s time on both original Club Penguin and on Club Penguin Private Servers.  Everyone that ever supported the army, I cannot thank you enough for your help & support especially during times of uncertainty. The Light Troops had a rich & prestigious history and everyone that ever came through the doors of this army helped maintain that status, for that, I thank you all.

With Private Servers falling down in bunches, the future of several armies remains unclear. All armies eventually come and go and have their highs and lows. Is this just a beginning, or a start of a CPApocalypse?

What do YOU think?  Do you think that this was the right decision to make? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CPAM Reporter Trainee


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