Battle Review: Ice Warriors vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

MAMMOTH, Army of CP Capital ─ Yesterday, the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Ice Warriors faced off on the ACP capital in a large practice battle to show off their superiority. Despite most peoples’ predictions, something unexpected happened!

The battle started off on May 19th, 2020, around 3 PM EST. While the two has recently faced off against both each other and the Doritos, they to hold a one-on-one battle (click HERE to read more). Mammoth, CPATG, was agreed upon for the battle server. They settled on using the stadium, iceberg, and the snow forts for the battle.


The battle started off with the stadium. Unfortunately for RPF, they had entered the room a little too late. This caused a lot of the RPF to be locked out of the room. RPF didn’t hesitate, however. They swiftly formed an X and set up a defence against the IW. Both sides had clear tactics. IW would end up taking the cake, though, with their strong bombs.

Battle pic of the Stadium.

Battle pic of the Stadium.


The second room of the battle would be the iceberg. Odds were once again not in favour of the RPF, with this time having less RPF at the iceberg. RPF continued to adjust their formations throughout the room finding something suitable. And, despite RPF having improved on their tactics this time, it wasn’t enough to hold back the IW. RPF would lose this room. But, the RPF didn’t completely freeze up!

Battle pic of the Iceberg.

Battle pic of the Iceberg.


The final room in this battle would take place at the beach. IW once more came in earlier but despite this fact, RPF prevailed and had a larger force. RPF blazed through the room with the IW starting to heat up. The room was called in favour of the RPF.

Battle pic of the Beach.

Battle pic of the Beach.


In the end, IW won 2-1. RPF definitely did put up a good fight. But due to some battle difficulties, they couldn’t win this battle.

What do YOU think? Should RPF had won more rooms? Why do you think RPF came to the rooms slower? Should IW had won room 3? Let US know in the comment sections!


CP Army Media Vice President

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  1. Good Job IW.


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