Turning the Tides: Golden Guardians Re-Brand as Historic Water Vikings

Frostbite, Water Vikings Capital – Starting earlier this year as one of the biggest new generation armies, the Golden Guardians quickly found themselves on a fast track to success under the leadership of 5 veterans of Club Penguin Armies. However, on May 19th, 2020, the Golden Guardians made waves with the announcement of their re-branding as the famous Water Vikings.

Having started a countdown in their server that kept ominously ticking down to 10 PM EST, the Golden Guardians made sure their troops knew of an incoming announcement. One major event in this build-up was CPA Legend Kingfunks4 being instated as the 6th Golden Guardians Leader. Speculation ran wild down to the last minute, when Golden Guardians Leader Buddy made the announcement.

The Water Vikings army was founded in 2010 by CPA Legend Zakster and Jed Pen. Being led by many notable names such as Twitchy543, Tylund1, Tymatt, Skyfish, Kingfunks4, and Buddy in the past, this army is one connected with a detailed history and many Club Penguin Army legends. Club Penguin Army Media had the chance to speak with Pjayo, one of 6 Water Vikings Leaders, about the future of the army.

What’s the leading factor in making the switch to WV?

People started to make rumors about it, and its been floating around among the leadership for a few weeks.

Why did it start to come up with the leaders? Who originally proposed the idea?

Well originally, we were going to do WV instead of making our own army, and I thought of the idea with Tymatt, Tylund, and funky after Flen sent out mass emails which bought a lot of vets in.

Do you think bringing in Kingfunks4 will be a move beneficial to the WV? How do you see this turning out for the army?

Funks is considered one of the greatest leaders of all time, as well as one of the greatest administrators, having been there for both WV’s Golden Era, the Blue Summer, and during the height of CPAC coming off the tails of the Blue brothers. I’ve worked with him before and I can only speak positively in that aspect.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Water Vikings has been, and always will be the greatest nation.

Following this new move, a new combination of confidence and style has been made apparent in the army. With the rename and leadership change taking effect now, it won’t be long until we see if the Water Vikings can stay as good as gold.

You can catch the brand new Water Vikings in a practice battle against ACP on Wednesday, May 20th.
Tell us what you think about the re-brand in the comments!


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