32op a Flat Earther?


SLUSHY, CP Army League HQ – Recent evidence has just broken out here at CPAL. We have discovered that one of our very own board of directors, 32op, is indeed a flat earther. What does this mean for the future of CPAL and what do we do with this newfound evidence? Find out more below.

Not only a leader of the Doritos of Club Penguin, but also a member of CPAL’s board of directors, 32op has kept his unconventional belief under wraps. However, he recently let it slip to CPAL’s own LuciferStar that he believed time zones did not exist and the earth is a flat surface. Take a look at this screenshot to see for yourself:

A screenshot of LuciferStar’s direct messages with 32op where he states that he believes the earth is flat. (Yes, he uses Light Mode, sheer disgust.)

32op has been a renowned leader of the Doritos for quite some time. Being a part of Doritos since 2012 and ultimately bringing them back to life alongside Mustapha10 in 2019, it is a shock to all of us here at CPAL to learn that 32op is indeed, a flat earther. The fact that the army, under his direction, consistently saw massive sizes at events and made DCP an almost unstoppable force for quite some time makes it hard to believe that this could possibly be true. But the evidence doesn’t lie.

A picture of what 32op possibly looks like after this reveal.

So how does this affect his leadership at DCP and his position here at CPAL? Is he mentally stable enough to be assuming these positions? And what led to this lapse in sanity? Could the huge merger with SWAT have anything to do with 32op’s snap into believing the earth is flat? I sat down with LuciferStar, a close friend and co-worker of 32op here at CPAL, to see what is really going on. The two are known to joke around together, so could this all be a hoax? I find out below.

An interview with LuciferStar, the one who was most hurt by 32op’s reveal of his flat earther beliefs.

CPAL: You were the first one to bring this information about 32op to light, but have you ever known him to previously be a flat earther before this reveal?

LuciferStar: Nope, I considered him a perfectly sane man.

CPAL: This information is quite a big reveal, how has it affected your relationship with him personally? Are you hurt by the fact that 32op truly believes this outlandish notion?

LuciferStar: It truly hurts me that because of his belief that the earth is flat, he asks me to make reports at 4am in the morning since he believes we’re all in one timezone.

CPAL: Do you believe 32op is in the right state of mind to be on the board of directors here at CPAL? Not to mention lead an army as big as DCP. Do you think he is really fit for these positions given that this information has come to light?

LuciferStar: It naturally raises some concerns, but since this information has only just been revealed, I say we keep an eye out on 32 and make sure he’s alright.

CPAL: And finally, do you have any other comments about this evidence you’d like to inform the community of?

LuciferStar: Cause after all you’re my Wonderwall

This information has really shocked the community. 32op has been known as an astounding leader of DCP, but since the merger with SWAT, it seems his mental stability has declined and we now know the extent of his madness. We can only hope that our invaluable board member returns to  his previous state of glory. Until next time, this is Neo signing off.

What do you think? Is 32op really fit for leadership now that this belief has been discovered? Does it have anything to do with the recent merger of DCP and SWAT? Comment below and tell us what you think!


CPAL Reporter


10 Responses

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA VERY FUNNY GOOD JOB NEO. you must be neo from the matrix.


  2. nah 32op the earth is a cube.


  3. Ew y’all trust someone who uses light mode? Disgusting


  4. Today was gonna be the day
    But they’ll never throw it back to you
    By now you should’ve somehow
    Realized what you’re not to do
    I don’t believe that anybody
    Feels the way I do, about you now




  6. Ew light mode. I dont doubt the convo but Light mode? Sounds like Light troops to me. And we don’t need to remember how THEY shut down.


  7. Confused -_-
    Must be a Drama Show or idk


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