[BREAKING] Doritos Declare War on Pirates

SUMMIT, Doritos of Club Penguin HQ — While the whole community ponders on the future of CPPS’, Doritos have declared war on the Pirates.

A piece of shocking news surrounded the servers as the word “war” came around. On 21st May 2020, DCP’s Commander Badboy published a war declaration on their website. The war declaration had topics ranging from biased culture to pure annoyance regarding the Pirate army. Not long ago, the community witnessed SWAT (Special Weapons & Tactics) merging into the Doritos.

DCP welcoming SWAT’s merge.

Pirates, on the other hand, have been topping the charts for about four weeks. With a consistent 100+ in their events on CPOnline, the army’s size dropped to 60 upon coming to CPATG. There has been no official response to the war declaration from the latter.

Here’s an excerpt from Badboy’s war declaration post, which clearly states one of the main reasons for the war. (Click Here for the post)

For armies like CPPA/Golds however, this was not the case. They would literally have CPO admins ping to CPPA/Golds chat whenever they had an event, gave out coins to those who attended and afterwards they dipped and the chat was more empty than every restaurant in the United States right now.

Progressing with the declaration, the Doritos and Ice Warriors entered into a treaty that prevents this from becoming a World War.

32op (DCP’s Commander) and Andrew24 (IW’s Commander) entering in a treaty

The Doritos have scheduled invasions back to back, beginning this Saturday. Two of the biggest armies are about to collide. It will be interesting how this turns out to be. Stay tuned with CP Army Media for the latest updates!


What do YOU think about the upcoming war? What will the outcome be? 
Comment below and let us know what YOU think.

♠ αʏαɴ ♠

CP Army Media Chief Executive Officer


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  2. Wow this is gonna be interesting




  4. This could be super interesting!


  5. Hell yeah, let’s go DCP, crush them!


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