Leader’s Lounge With Neo – Astro

SLUSHY, CP Army League HQ – The One Direction Army has made an astounding mark on the CPAL community. It, of course, started only as a joke army, but has quickly grown into one of the most friendly and accepting armies to exist in CPAL. Who is behind the warm and sociable atmosphere of the One Direction Army? Read more below to find out.

After it’s formation only a month or so back, ODA has seen a rise in their numbers. Starting out at maxing around 10+, they now see numbers around 20 and 25. But has their key to success really been in the strength in numbers of their army, or has it been the atmosphere they have created within their army that has attributed to this steady number?

We can all come to agree that keeping steady numbers has proved difficult through the shut down of quite a few CPPS, but what really keeps members active through a tough time such as this at ODA is it’s loyal and friendly members, staff and leaders. I sat down with Astro, leader at ODA, to hear how the One Direction Army has become such a positive place for people to thrive.

An interview with Astro, One Direction Army leader.

CPAL: It’s pretty obvious that ODA is one of the most friendly armies. It has seen the most stable numbers through this time and people that join tend to stay and be very loyal. What is it about the environment at ODA that makes people want to be a part of it?

Astro: Indeed, we’re grateful to & for all members in ODA. I believe what keeps them coming back are the unbreakable bonds they share as a team & the desire to grow our army as well.

CPAL: ODA doesn’t seem like a toxic army at all, but has there been any drama or scandals that have made it difficult to keep your friendly vibe going?

Astro: Like any army if there’s a problem members here bring it upline to a leader. It’s not difficult to keep the good times rolling here because ODA doesn’t stay down, regardless.

CPAL: Do you have any plans for ODA regarding invasions or the ongoing war?

Astro: We have talked about getting land and such, but we are just doing our own thing and having fun.

CPAL: And finally, is there anything else you’d like to say to the CPAL community?

Astro: I’d like to thank the community for taking time to read this. We’re looking forward to whatever is to come for ODA.

While it is easy to succumb to drama when surrounded by so many people of different mindsets, it is clear that ODA welcomes all and is a friendly and nuturing environment. Could mere companionship be the key to keeping armies alive during this trying time? It seems that the answer to that lies in us. Until next time, this is Neo, signing off.

Think back to all the friendships you’ve made through armies and CPAL. Isn’t that what keeps all of us here, even after the shut down of CPO? Share some of your favorite memories with us here in the comments! Let’s keep up the positivity through this new era of CP armies. 


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