Skating Into The Community: Skaters of CP

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Skating their way from the CP Online community, the Skaters Army are the latest to join the CP Army Media umbrella.

Created in early 2020, the Skaters are a new army in the community with their sights set high. Despite originally operating on the CP Online platform, they recently made the move to CP Armies: The Game and have also joined the CP Army Media umbrella.

In early May the Skaters benefited greatly from a merge with the Sinners, another CP Online army, and saw their sizes rapidly increase to an average of 45.

With the move to CP Armies: The Game came an abrupt and unfortunate decline that many of the CP Online armies have experienced. Their latest event was a training on CP Armies: The Game on May 22nd. They peaked at a size of 16 with strong tactics throughout. However, it is clear the army is focused on returning to their former glory, and a strong staff team suggests this is very possible.

CP Army Media caught up with Overlord, one the army’s leaders, to discuss the move from CP Online and his plans for the future.

How do you think the move from CP Online affected your army?

Many people started leaving our server thinking we shut as CPO died. And also we used to max like 40+ on CPO and now people aren’t willing to play other CPPS and our max has fallen to 20 and also we cannot recruit new ppl on CPO.

What are your future goals and plans?

We hope to get our max to 40 again and we don’t have any long terms plans right now.

It’s clear that the Skaters have recently experienced a drop in their sizes due to the change in platforms, but also that the army has a focused attitude that will take them far in this new community. Will they regain their former glory? Or are they simply skating on thin ice?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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CP Army Media Editor-in-Chief


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