The Badboy Wars

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – As SWAT recently merged into the Doritos, many changes have already arisen both within the Doritos and the rest of the community. One of the most important changes was Badboy’s position change to the leader of the Doritos. Continuing his issues with IW from the NDA/IW war prior, Badboy quickly looked for another conflict, declaring war on the Pirates taking the server Winter Land on Saturday, only to give it back, sign a treaty and work together to both take down the Ice Warriors with new Pirates leaders, Agent 11, Regan, & Madhav2 now at the helm. Read on to find out more about this very confusing, and still developing story.

The first war started by Badboy was known as CPO army’s World War II, and it was a fairly short one, lasting approximately 2 days. Here is a brief summary: Badboy is annoyed at the fact that CPAL is being run unfairly at the time by head of board, Andrew24. He then allies DCP and five other armies who all posted invasions of IW. IW somehow were able to defend and had Golds/Pirates to back them up. After failing to take Permafrost, the armies of the New Dawn Alliance were then hit with the shut down of CPO, prompting Badboy to end the war.

Badboy declaring the NDA/IW conflict to be over upon CPO’s closure.

Badboy’s next issue came about when he recalled that the Pirates had betrayed their agreement/treaty with the previous SWAT alliance, as they tried to defend one of the Golds’ land for them, but failed. On top of that, their sizes dropped drastically after CPO shut down, so former staff members of CPO who were also leaders of Pirates posted CPPA discord links saying that they could “earn free coins if they joined the Pirates”. Badboy, thinking that this was unfair for those who actually recruited and didn’t just use their staff position to grow their army, declared war after joining the Doritos as a leader.

Badboy’s new declaration against the Pirates

Soon after, Badboy ended the war, when most of the IW leadership came to Pirates and decided to make a treaty with DCP. They decided to also invade IW together, essentially leaving the Ice Warriors with no help. Badboy is determined to win this time, with no foreseeable chance of failure. As he said himself, “It won’t take much to take out IW unless another giant like DW decides to help them”. Many people are placing bets on this war already, some thinking that DCP/CPPA will win, others thinking that IW will win. We, the reporters, are going to be taking notes very seriously throughout this war, because we cannot tell the future, no matter how elite we are.

His third declaration of war in 3 weeks.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for: the interview from the man, the myth, the legend himself, BADBOY.
Interview with DCP leader, Badboy
CPAL: As many of our readers would like to know, why did you declare 3 wars over the past 2-3 weeks?
Badboy: To be honest, I was trolling the first time, was just trying to see if SWAT would do better & get better sizes under pressure, its always an experiment I’ve done as an army leader when first rejoining; to see what we’re made of. Clearly, we weren’t ready, but I am serious now, which is far more deadly to an army leader than my trolling. The second war with CPPA was more of 32’s call, I wanted to go for IW again instead right when I rejoined but they figured it wasn’t the time. The time is now. This war, us and CPPA will team up and take every single server IW has. The invasions WILL all take place & we will win. 12 servers a piece for the both of us. If IW thinks they can keep up with half their leadership now gone they smoking dick.
CPAL: Why do you dislike Andrew? Is it because of anything army related or is it for a more personal reason?
Badboy: I don’t dislike Andrew, I pity him actually. And because I can keep this army related unlike himself, we aren’t even going to talk about how old he is playing this 24/7 with no job, but the bottom line is this; he is a snake and always has been & now I have learned that he has snaked out his own friend he considered one of his closest along with many others in IW. And because of who it was, someone I considered a close friend throughout most of my years in armies, I have to destroy his sad little army, for real this time. Words like disrespect, fake, disloyal, bias, etc. don’t begin to describe Andrew in the slightest. I hope one day he can find himself again & change like I once had to cus shits just ridiculous at this point lol
CPAL: How well do you think you will do this time?
Badboy: I think the counter attack we’re going to hit IW with is gonna drive the nail in their coffin for good. They lost half their leaders (most of the good ones who aren’t washed up), they lost their only ally, AK, & have absolutely no backup whatsoever. What chance do they have honestly?
CPAL: Thanks for your time! Do you have any other comments?
Badboy: Good luck old man Drew, you’re gonna need it.
As Badboy stated, good luck to both sides! IW lost many allies, but the Dark Warriors are either undecided or neutral. If they come in on IW’s side it is very possible that IW could win. We can only wait and see if IW gains any wins or allies. Place your bets and ideas in the comments below, to support your army!
Do YOU think that DCP will win? Do YOU think that IW will win? Let us know and place bets. The minimum bet is $5 (Legal note: do not gamble or bet if you are under your country’s legal age for betting)
CP Army League Reporter-in-Training

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