One Direction Army Declares War Against Golden Troops

BOBSLED, ODA Captial – The One Direction Army is at war with the Golden Troops. Read more below to find out about what was behind this declaration of war.

ODA scheduled their first invasion against the Golden Troops on the mark of their one month anniversary of being an official army. It serves as a monumental day for them, hence why they decided to invade their first piece of land on the map on this day.

ODA’s announcement of their declaration of war on the Golden Troops.

The scheduled invasions will take place over the Golden Troops’ current servers of Cozy, Cabin, Blizzard, Sherbet, and Arctic. While this is not all of Golden Troops land, it is a pretty significant chunk that the ODA will be taking on. The Golden Troops responded by scheduling an invasion of Bobsled, ODA’s current capital. The outcome of this war could really be an intense change of pace for both of these armies.

ODA’s most recent event where they maxed 18+.

ODA ranked number eight on our CPAL Top Ten this week (which you can read here), while Golden Troops placed only number 12, not making the official Top Ten list.

Golden Troops at their most recent event where they maxed 10+.

So what made the ODA start now? For quite a while, people have only thought of them as a joke army, but their numbers are steadily rising. Why have they chosen now to take their serious stand? I sat down with ODA founder and leader, Aubz, to get the scoop on this declaration of war.

An interview with ODA creator and leader, Aubz.

CPAL: What went into the decision to declare war on the Golden Troops?

Aubz: Well we have been open for about a month and have been making top 10 with our loyal members. We are known for being a meme and I guess I just wanted people to take us seriously because we do have lots of fun but we are indeed a serious army!

CPAL: How have you prepared your army for these upcoming invasions?

Aubz: Well, ODA already has a really tight knit following and we are all really close and support each other. So I have just been asking them for their continued support and loyalty as we venture on through these invasions. We have also been steadily recruiting!

CPAL: How did you decide your troops were ready to finally take some land on the map?

Aubz: We have hosted some really good tactic events and had lots of practice with formations and have been pretty consistent with our maxes. I am very confident in my members abilities to follow through!! We have been extremely peaceful and I figured it was time to up the stakes because of how our events have been going.

CPAL: What made LuciferStar, the leader of your allies at Elites, transfer one of Elites’ servers to ODA?

Aubz: Them being our allies, they decided to give us land so that we could invade. They gave us temp ownership. Anyone who invades Bobsled will be invading elites.

CPAL: How have the Golden Troops responded to this declaration?

Aubz: I got some well wishes from TheMightyA, and of course they are invading Bobsled. Unfortunately he has brought Post Malone into the fight tho :wary:

CPAL: Do you think they’ll underestimate you and your troops?

Aubz: Everyone underestimates us because we are the One Direction Army, of course. But the fact is, we have the higher maxes. We will show that One Direction doesn’t play around.

CPAL: Is there anything else you’d like to share with the community?

Aubz: tell A my mom will be logging on for him :salute:

It is clear that the One Direction Army wants to be taken seriously. The Golden Troops are seasoned and  prepared for war, but will they withstand the youthful vigor of ODA? What could the purpose of this war be?

It is known now that the One Direction Army is hungry for land and will not stop until they get it, hence their declaration of war. ODA certainly has the numbers to back up their confidence in overtaking the Golden Troops, and it’s possible that GT won’t be able to hold off the rigorous energy of ODA. Given both army’s numbers and sizes, it is possible that the month old army ODA could pull off quite a number of these server invasions and take GT’s land for themselves. Of course, only time will tell who the victor will be. Until next time, this is Neo, signing off.


What do you think? Who will come out on top? Let us know in the comments below!


CPAL Reporter


6 Responses

  1. Wha, WAR?! Penguin War I


  2. Aubz, the thing is, you could have invaded GT for only one server. You don’t need to declare war.


  3. The fact that they actually thought they could win smh


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