The Aliens Return to Their Outer World

SLUSHY – CPAL HQ – The Aliens of CPR have decided to shut down. This long-time standing army has finally closed its doors, announced by leader Spotty. Aliens was quite the legendary army, read more about their shutdown here.

The announcement made by Spotty in the Aliens server.


Aliens was first created on August 6, 2019. It started out on CPO in CPOAL but after the controversy in April they decided to leave CPOAL, as you may have read in a post a few weeks ago. They moved to CPR and joined CPAM. Although their troops did not completely stick to CPR, as they were active in CPPS’s like Penguin Saloon, which their leader was a staff member in. But when CPATG was announced, they joined the community and held multiple battles.

One of Aliens biggest events against PIC.

The Aliens had one of the more familiar names in the community, Animal Kingdom, as their allies. Aliens was quite the legendary army, once in the Major Armies list of CPOAL. The closing of CPO and the Moving to CPR hit the Aliens hard, losing a lot of members. In the end they shut down to lack of activeness, which was simple to see in the Aliens server, with all due respect, there were only about 5 messages per day.

Aliens was not always lacking. They were once a major army, with good maxes. They did very well on the Top Ten. As you can see in the screenshot below they were able 19th on the Universal Top 20, which is a good accomplishment for such a small army.

Aliens Making it to 19th on the Universal Top 20

The Aliens admittedly may not have been the most active server, but it was a close one. In the announcement made by Spotty she wishes them the best. This is a sad closing for the members but the community remains strong. To get you all more information on the shutdown, I went to interview Aliens leader Spotty.

CPAL: Why did Aliens close its doors?

Spotty: When Ayan contacted me last month I agreed to help the aliens creator, Sans lead it, as I had some experience with aliens whilst in cpo. They were allies with Help Force, which I previously lead. However a few days into the server Sans left and that meant I was the only leader. I wanted to give the server a chance, however I spoke to the staff at the weekend and we agreed it was best to close. I never planned on fully leading again. It was supposed to be more of an advisor role I suppose.

CPAL: Do you think that Aliens will ever come back?

Spotty: Upon the announcement of cpo closing, we contacted the aliens of cpo about them taking over and continuing in cpam. However they told me they were all done with armies. Currently I’m focusing on advising Help Force so I really doubt it’ll ever come back

CPAL: How did you feel about the Aliens’ performance during their battles?

Spotty: I was surprised we did as well as we did, we maxed at least 10 in 90% of the events we lead and in our last event during the tournament we maxed 16/17. I’m glad we got to go out on a high and not a low.

CPAL: Thanks for your time, any final statements you would like to make?

Spotty: Ofc and thank you. I just can’t wait to see what the future of armies is now especially with the legends cup near.

As you can see from this interview, Aliens was fighting to stay alive as much as they could. But in the end, they shut down and had to move on. They once were one of the best armies but ended up falling like many armies after the end of CPO and all of the other CPPS’.
What do YOU think? Will Aliens ever return to the community? Will more armies shut down? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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CPAL Associate Producer

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