The Increase of Discord Recruiting: Necessary or Immoral?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters — A sudden spike in Discord recruiting has been witnessed in the army community this week. Today we ask the question: is it necessary for our survival?

It would seem that chat recruiting is back in style, with a multitude of Discord recruitment attempts in recent weeks that have led to major conflicts between armies; even outbreaks of war. Throughout army history, the act of recruiting from another army’s community for your own has always been frowned upon. But as of late, it appears that some army leaders and recruiters are willing to perform such acts in hopes of boosting their army’s event maxes for a better Ten Ten placing.

An anonymous source provided us with the following screenshots. The first picture depicts Discord user “DWqq” direct messaging an individual on May 20th in what seems to be a mass invite to join the Dark Warriors Discord server; promising the reader fun and claiming that they are “the coolest army out there.” A similar thing has been occurring with the Doritos, as shown in the second picture, with the direct messaging of people on Club Penguin fan Discords. There are, of course, not the only armies taking this approach.

Discord recruiting takes minimum effort, gathers many troops, and does so in significantly less time compared to CPPS recruiting. With that being said, chat recruiting has its flaws. For one, the majority of the Discord users are already in an army which naturally suggests that the “new recruit” so the issue of ‘troop stealing’ to raised. Likewise, it can give both individual armies and the army community as a whole a bad reputation.

If Discord recruiters are caught and exposed, their army and army leaders could receive undesired drama that could lead to a major conflict between other armies and their allies. Is the risk worth the reward and is Discord recruiting absolutely necessary?

Getting banned from Club Penguin is now a competitive sport - Polygon

Keen to learn the opinions of those in the community, CP Army Media spoke to some influential figures to gain a better insight.

CSY, Army of CP Leader:

With CPPS closing down at an alarming rate, and the increasing difficulty of recruiting on CPR, it seems like many have defaulted to discord recruiting, which preliminarily does seem like a more effective and faster way of recruiting. However, it also seems like people are running into other armies’ troops much more often, which is definitely causing tensions in terms of troop stealing for the community.

Regan, Pirates Leader:

I mean I personally wasn’t a fan of it when we were on CP Online, but now because we are on our own CPPS I think it’s necessary in order to grow the community.

Tymatt, Water Vikings Leader:

It’s a touchy subject honestly. I personally haven’t attempted any discord recruiting since returning to the community since its kinda shunned but I can see why others would. Honest truth back in 2010/2011 xat recruiting whether off trackers or large army chats really was how things were done during those days. Now things are a bit different you can recruit off CPR and other CPPS. It’s hard to really say I’m mixed on the whole thing.

Dino, CP Army Media Vice President:

Discord recruitment is a very scummy form of recruitment. Sure, you’re more likely to get people who will be active in chat. But, you never know if they’ll be trouble makers. And anyways, your discord account means more than your CPR account. If it gets banned, it’s game over.

We’ve heard the thoughts of some in the community, but what do you think? It is very apparent that Discord recruiting won’t be going anywhere any time soon, especially with the mass shutdown of private servers occurring. But could there be a more sustainable approach? Or even an alternative form of recruiting?

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Reporter Trainee


CP Army Media Editor-in-Chief

3 Responses

  1. Things are looking tougher now, I feel like you can Discord recruit but you take a risk depending on what the person you are trying to recruit feels like doing. Either you get a recruit or they might report you to the server they found you on or report you to Discord as well. I just want to wish the best of luck to all the people that are deciding to Discord recruit because this might be the only way to keep growing armies soon


  2. I believe Discord recruiting should be done with caution, and not too often. With Discord recruiting, there’s a higher chance that you can get in trouble, and find someone in an army. In my experience, at least with CPR recruiting, the majority of them aren’t in armies, and if they are, I apologize and let them go on with their day. Discord isn’t the same, and because of being able to check mutual servers, it’s easier to be accused of troop-stealing.


  3. Discord recruting will be a necessity in near futrue as more and more CPPS are closing down.
    However,it should always be checked if person is already in an army to avoid troop stealing.
    Overall,im mixed on the subject


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