SWAT Returns To The Community

OUTBACK, Former SWAT capital – After a controversial merge a week ago with the Doritos, SWAT has come back under the new leadership of Sophy Bee, Izzy, and Fast. Many troops who disagreed with the merge and wanted their home back have decided to support the return of their beloved army. Read more to find out more about the return!

Sweater’s declaration that SWAT is back

As shown by the above picture, many people were unhappy about the merge, because SWAT was loved by its members, no matter who disliked the army from the outside. SWAT has had a complicated history with many different alliances and leaders. However, one thing stayed the same. SWAT was a major army that was a force to be reckoned with. Even Ganger90, the creator and first leader of SWAT, was determined to keep SWAT alive, no matter what happened. With that type of determination, Sweater and Ganger decided to hire new CPPS troops, in hopes that these “up-and-coming” members of the community will bring SWAT back to the major force it was before, building the reputation back up again.

They made an entirely new server, this time without Badboy, who is too busy as a DCP commander, and Zuke, who is now an IW leader. SWAT had some rough days, especially in their last few weeks, with the constant war.  In March & April, they were in a alliance with IW against DCP, and soon after, they had declared war on IW, this time DCP being on their side. Wars can stress many out, especially with AUSIA training and events. Therefore, SWAT has taken a definitive turn against wars in the meantime, and to rebuild their alliances and their massive maxes. As of the time of writing, the SWAT discord is very active and many troops are looking forward to the reopening event.

Reopening event for SWAT

CPAL sat down with one of the new leaders, Sophy Bee. Lets see what she thinks about the future of her beloved army!

CPAL: Do you know why SWAT merged in the first place?

Sophy Bee: Everything was kind of falling apart with the mix of leaving the old server, the war and CPO shutting down. We were only making between 10 and 20 an event and many of them were allies. From what I saw the leaders wanted to give our members the best opportunities before everything fizzled our by giving them a place and a rank in a bigger army.

CPAL: How well do you think this generation will do, seeing as this generation is not led by veterans?

Sophy Bee: I’m really optimistic. We’re supported and surrounded by veterans but we as newbies also offer a fresh perspective. Considering how everything is changing with the current CPPS situation, fresh blood may be what is needed to bring back SWAT with a renewed passion. Above everything else, Fast, Izzy and I are close friends and we all love SWAT and are willing to work for it. So yeah, I think we’ll do well!

CPAL: Will SWAT be involved in any wars, such as the current one with DCP and IW?

Sophy Bee: No. This generation is going to be focused around allies and community. Last time we entered a war too soon, and that was with the ability to easily recruit more members on CPO. With everything going on at the moment we want to grow both in numbers and as a family before we even consider entering into combat.

CPAL: Thanks for your time! Any last comments?

Sophy Bee: I just want to say a massive thank you to Conor/Sweater/Rocks. True to the name he’s really been a rock for everyone both during and after the merge. I just want him to know how much we at SWAT love and appreciate him :heart:


SWAT is back for another round in the community! Even with cautious methods, the leadership team aims to gain back what is rightfully theirs. Thanks to Sweater and Ganger for making a new SWAT server and thanks to Sophy Bee, Fast, and Izzy for a new generation of SWAT. May the odds lie ever in your favor and good luck in making SWAT one of the #1 armies in CPAL again.


What do YOU think? Do YOU think that SWAT will succeed in this generation? Do YOU think that SWAT will shut down once again? Let us know what YOU think in the comments!

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